Chrysanthemums: QVC plant of the month

If you love chrysanthemums, make sure you get your hands on these new patio garden ‘mums from German breeder, Brandkamp. The buds open up to produce a vibrant umbrella of blooms covering the foliage.

David Ponton
David Ponton.

This blog post comes from QVC’s David Ponton. David was originally an osteopath specialising in spinal disorders in racehorses and he took up gardening after a life threatening injury. QVC viewers love his wonderful enthusiasm and passion for plants, especially when he discusses the fascinating stories behind the lovely plants he presents for Hayloft Nurseries. 

In the world of  patio garden chrysanthemums, I consider one company to be the ‘Greatest Breeders of all Chrysanthemums’. It comes from Germany… and its name is Brandkamp.

Brandkamp chrysanthemums have a lineage going back 100 years. The flowers are brighter, the plants robust and the beauty second to none. This year Brandkamp released their newest patio ‘mums onto the German market. Such is the demand; these new garden ‘mums will not make an appearance in the UK for perhaps another two years … unless you happen to be watching QVC’s Richard Jackson shows during May!

Brandkamp’s patio garden chrysanthemums form glorious domes of colour. The buds opening up to produce a vibrant umbrella of blooms covering the foliage. These late-flowering plants add autumn zest to the fading garden. Vigorous growth, extra hardy and outstanding quality. An absolute must-have for the patio or balcony this autumn.

How to grow the best patio chrysanthemums

  • Plant each of your young plants in 9cm pots using a decent multi-purpose compost. Pinch them out around 14 days after potting up and once again when the new shoots are about 8-10cm long.
  • When the plants have filled these small pots ( around four weeks after potting) , they’re ready for growing on either in the garden or in bigger pots.
  • If planting in the garden, they prefer a sunny spot and well drained soil.
  • If planting into bigger pots, they need a minimum size 5 litre (22.5cm) pot, however the bigger the pot the better they grow. So maybe go up to 10 litres (25.8cm). Place on the patio in a sunny spot,
  • Keep them well watered. If the bottom leaves turn brown it is because they are thirsty. In the summer when it is warm and windy you may have to water once daily.
  • Feed them once a week with a high potash plant food, like Flower Power.
  • Deadhead during the growing season to encourage more flowering.
  • Once your ‘mums stop flowering leave over the winter. Let them die back naturally.
  • In the spring cut back to 15cm, remove the top half of the compost from the container and replace with fresh compost. If you do this every year, your Brandkamp patio garden chrysanthemums will regrow and flower for up to five seasons!

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