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Grow your own

Summer GYO advice

Martyn Cox shares his advice for peak summer Grow Your Own success to keep your plot productive.


How to rejuvenate shrubs

Shrubs are the backbone of our gardens but left to their own devices many will outgrow their allotted space or become lanky and flower poorly. Martyn Cox guides you on how to give even the...

Pests, weeds and diseases

How to tackle garden weeds

Love it or hate it, weeding the garden is something that needs to be done. Martyn Cox shares his hard earned experience in his new series for beginners.


Understand your soil

Beginner gardeners could be forgiven for thinking that soil is just, well soil. Martyn Cox gives you the lowdown on soil.


Tidying the garden in autumn

Martyn Cox has some advice on how your unruly autumn plot can easily be tamed within a few hours, leaving it in great shape until spring.


How to create borders in your garden

A well-designed border is one of the most desirable of all garden features, providing shape, colour, texture and movement. Most are planted to reach their peak in summer but with careful selection of plants it’s...


How to move garden plants

Sometimes plants don’t like where you planted them, or you simply change your mind. It’s OK to move them, Martyn Cox explains.


How to grow plug plants

You can fill your garden with masses of colour, drama and variety by buying mail-order plug plants. Martyn Cox offers some seasonal advice on how to grow plug plants.

1 - 30 of 54 features

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