Finish any spring pruning of your roses, then mulch with compost, bark or well rotted manure. For an extra boost, feed with rose fertiliser.

Give a new lease of life to overgrown clumps of hardy geraniums, hostas, sedums and daylilies. Dig them up, chop them into smaller sections and replant the best bits in soil enriched with compost.

Make sure next year’s display of daffodils is as good as this year’s. Take off any dead flowers and feed them once a week with Flower Power. Don’t tie up or remove their leaves for at least the first six weeks after flowering.

If your honeysuckle is an over-grown mess, now’s the time to sort it out. If it’s just a little bit tangled at the top, trim it with shears. But really overgrown plant should be cut back hard, to about 45cm/18in from the ground.

Towards the end of the month plant out your early cropping spuds. Plant the tubers 22.5cm/9in deep, 30cm/12in apart . When the young shoots appear, mound soil over them to protect from frost and to boost the crop.