Robin drinking water from birdbath

How to provide safe water for the birds

As a nation we love feeding the birds. But it’s just as important to ensure they have a safe and reliable source of fresh water says Jean Vernon.

garden in autumn

Tidying the garden in autumn

Martyn Cox has some advice on how your unruly autumn plot can easily be tamed within a few hours, leaving it in great shape until spring.

fallen autumn leaves with rake

What do I do about autumn leaves?

Whatever your feelings about the autumn tidy up, there is one job that does need getting on with – clearing away all those fallen autumn leaves.

Quince fruit

What can you do with quinces?

Royal Kitchen Garden Keeper at Hampton Court Palace Vicki Cooke explores the history and uses of the fascinating quince

Leafy heart

October half-term fun for kids

Tamsin Westhorpe is keen to fill the October half term with adventures in the garden.

Alstroemeria 'Indian Summer'

Creating autumnal garden hues

Geoff Stonebanks gives an insight into the autumnal hues at his award winning garden Driftwood Garden

Japanese anemone 'Wild Swan'

Autumn containers

Add some wow factor to your pots, planters and containers and give them the staying power from autumn through to spring.

Are trees good for the birds?

There is something magical about watching birds feed in your own garden. But it’s not just about putting out bird food. What we grow in our gardens can be a vital lifeline too. As winter approaches there is much we can do to help wildlife get through the cold bleak months.

Crysanthemums at Driftwood

Extending garden drama

Keeping the borders looking great into autumn, can be a challenge. Geoff Stonebanks has learned the hard way and now offers advice on extending the summer garden display.

allium seed heads

How can I save money on plants?

Geoff Hodge shares some hints and tips to make more of your garden plants and save some money by growing something for nothing – or just about!

How can I garden on a budget?

If you are stuck at home with little or no income, Debi Holland shares her tips and ideas for increasing your garden blooms without breaking the bank.

What can I do in the autumn garden to get ahead?

Although the garden is slowly beginning to take its winter rest – before bursting into growth again next spring – it doesn’t mean it’s rest time for you, says Geoff Hodge

What’s seasonal in the late summer garden?

Tamsin Westhorpe reminds us why September is a month to savour and celebrate. Late flowering perennials and seasonal fruit take her fancy.

Which bulbs are good for pots?

Geoff Stonebanks share’s his advice for planting bulbs in pots and containers

Ripening raspberries on the bush

Extending the grow-your-own season

Early September is the time to crack on with harvesting tomatoes, courgettes, peppers and other tender vegetables & fruit that you’ve been growing outside.

Five great alliums

Add drama and colour to your early summer garden with ornamental alliums.


Treating the garden birds

Feeding the birds can add a wonderful dimension to your garden. These delightful creatures will feed, bathe, dance and roost in your trees and shrubs filling your world with their beauty, grace and antics.

Delicious onion bhajees

How can you use home grown onions?

If you’ve got lots of home grown onions hanging in the shed, here’s a great recipe to make the most of them from Amanda Davies

autumn colour

Top shrubs for autumn

Seven of the best shrubs for autumn colour for UK gardens. These plants will bring stunning colour to your garden in autumn.


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