Are you dreaming of a white Christmas?

If you are tired of the rush of red poinsettias that hit the shops before the festive season, look out for the crisp white beauties available this season and ring the changes

Stand out from the crowd this winter and choose the on-trend minimalist look of the pure white poinsettia houseplants. These festive plants are the perfect way to decorate your home and ideal for modern apartments, flats and bedsits where space may be limited. One plant can be used as a table piece, or carefully deconstructed into a floral arrangement, taking each stem and mixing with appropriate foliage for a fresh, clean green and white creation.

Lifestyle trend

Crisp white poinsettias are on trend this season
Image: Stars for Europe

There is something very elegant about a bright white flower coupled with rich green, natural foliage. In the stark winter light the glow of the petals are reminiscent of frost and snow and blend with almost any colour scheme. In the modern home where space may be tight a decorative addition really needs to earn its place. Pure white flowers have a contemporary look, perfect for a minimalist millennial style space. One plant will last through the festive season, take the limelight on the big day and can be moved from room to room to suit the mood and occasion.

A white Christmas gift

With snow on the horizon the crisp white festive theme is already engrained in our minds. Encapsulate this seasonal mood with a suitable festive gift for any tricky friends and family. Forget the joke presents and garish gift and go for a fresh on-trend angelic white poinsettia. Wrap in deep green tissue paper tied with silver or white ribbon and your small investment will look a million dollars, well nearly. White is classy, it’s elegant and it’s on-trend. It has an inherent look of quality, expense and rarity and will enhance any home or décor this season, making a perfect gift of all ages.

Use single poinsettia flowers as table place markers
Image: Stars for Europe

But don’t delay, this season the pure white poinsettia is a rare commodity and in short supply. Only 11% of the poinsettias produced in Europe are white varieties. And they are more popular in towns and cities than rural areas. Visit your local nursery or florist for the freshest plants this season and give a gift that shares the love of plants and offers the first baby steps in gardening to a generation poor on outdoor space but hankering after nature and plants indoors.

Not just red

Traditionally red, red and red, the real poinsettias hail from Mexico with a climate quite different to the UK. The flowers are actually tiny, right at the centre of the star like bracts that form a floral like coronet around them.

Pure white poinsettias add elegance to your decorations
Image: Stars for Europe

And the bracts are either rich red, soft pink, cream or white, creating dramatic decorative plants for indoor decoration. They don’t need much space and create an eyecatching centrepiece for a table, windowsill or dresser. You can even buy miniature plants to use as place cards or random decorations around the home.

Poinsettia Day is December 12th and has become a fixed date in the calendar celebrating these starry plants.





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