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Lawn Magic 5 Litres


(14 customer reviews)

Ever wondered what top sportsgrounds use on their grass? The chances are they’ve used a version of my Lawn Magic, the professional secret of green, healthy and great looking lawns.

  • Greens the grass and boosts the lawn at the same time.
  • Builds a stronger, healthier lawn.
  • Based on the professional product used and trusted by around 80% of the top football and rugby grounds in the UK.
  • No scorch formula which helps transform all lawns: new, old and tired!

507 in stock

Please note – due to packaging shortages, the 5 litre lawn magic may arrive in a clear tub.
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Product weight: 6.5kg


Not all lawn feeds are the same! This very special professional top-rated double action formula greens the grass and strengthens the roots, building a beautiful green lawn that’s stronger, healthier and more resilient for pets, kids and day to day use. I’ve sold it for a number of years and it can make a huge difference to any lawn. Scroll down to the customer reviews to see the Lawn Magic difference. 

  • Special formula. It’s the lawn feed used and trusted for many years by the professionals.
  • Unique double action. Lawn Magic does two jobs in one. It greens the grass and strengthens the roots. 
  • Added benefits: I’ve also added seaweed extract for bio-stimulant benefits and natural sugars to build disease resistance.
  • Apply anytime from spring to the autumn. There’s no need to buy any other specialist feeds for different seasons 
  • No scorch liquid formula which helps transform all lawns: new, old and tired!

Lawn Magic is easy to use. Apply it in a watering can fitted with a sprinkler bar or watering rose, or, for ultimate convenience, use the Flower Power hose-end Easy Feeder.

  • 1 litre bottle (available here) treats up to 100sq metres of lawn.
  • 5 litre bottle treats up to 500sq metres of lawn.

Additional Information

Nitrogen fertiliser solution 15 – 0 – 0 with Fe

Total Nitrogen (N) …………………… 15.0 % w/w
Ureic Nitrogen (N) ………………….. 15.0 % w/w
Calcium Oxide (CaO) ………………. 7.0 % w/w
Magnesium Oxide (MgO) ………… 2.0 % w/w
Iron (Fe) …………………………………. 0.95 % w/w

Plus added seaweed extract

14 reviews for Lawn Magic 5 Litres

  1. Janine

    I wasn’t initially sure it worked until I re-seeded areas at the edge of the lawn and then did a feed, weed and moss killer in the middle (as that was older grass and could cope with the weed and moss killer). The problem then was the middle part of the lawn boomed and the edges looked very sparse and a different colour. So I then decided to use Lawn magic on the newer grass to make up for it, and forgot about doing it until a couple of weeks later when I noticed how green and lush the lawn magic treated areas had become!!! Wow!

    As I had a large bag of the generic lawn feed, weed and moss killer I decided to pick finish that off on the next 6 week feeding cycle – argh! I now have scorched patches, which I have never had before…. So I am not watering those a lot to dilute and help recover those areas but now I am going to buy more lawn magic in case those scorched patches need more help in a few weeks (if they haven’t recovered).

    I am also pleased to note the new formula caters for things like red thread, which we also get! Note to self, only water lawns in the morning (not evenings) so they have a chance to dry out and not go fungal!

  2. Mrs Bailey

    Amazing! Our lawn, like many in new developments seems to have been laid on poor, stony soil and has always been thin, patchy and brown. Add in a dog to this mix and it was looking even worse. Applied this with a watering can and within a week the grass looks thicker and greener. Really impressed and the best the grass has ever looked. Look forward to seeing the results after a few more uses!

  3. John Daultrey (verified owner)

    Very disappointed, purchased this based on the good reviews but it just doesn’t work. Applied to half the lawn but absolutely nothing happens, you might as well use cold tea. Very expensive and a total waste of money!!

  4. Susan Corkin (verified owner)

    Five stars lawn magic is literally magic, it works so quickly to get a lovely lush greener lawn and so easy to apply using the easy feeder.

  5. Sian-Marie Jenkins (verified owner)

    I was a first time user of Lawn Magic. I’ve been trying to find a really good liquid lawn food as, being disabled, I find these easier to use than granular. I have been absolutely delighted with the results. My lawn was all but destroyed when a company employed to clean our driveway and pathways emptied the containers of bleach substance they used over the lawns, killing big areas of grass. Even though 2 years later it has recovered, it has never been quite the same. Now, after one treatment, I am glad to see my grass looking so green and lush.

  6. George H

    Been using Lawn Magic for a few years now. Excellent results every time.

  7. Michael L (verified owner)

    Simply remarkable I applied on the 29th May now 7th June ,it is the easiest application method. Simply marked out 10 metre sq areas approximately mixed and applied. The results are brilliant. Grass has already thickened and greened really well with no signs of burning at all.

    Thankyou from Southampton

  8. Kurty (verified owner)

    This stuff is great!!!

    Make sure you put a weed and moss treatment down in early spring and rake out the dead moss and then a few weeks after use this. I apply every four weeks and have never seen such green lush grass.

    Richard Jackson is a legend.

    I will definitely be purchasing again.

  9. Ed (verified owner)

    Wow – just wow! For months we have struggled to find something to keep our lawn alive as it quickly turned patchy due to being laid on thick, clay soil. This product has worked its ‘magic’ and we have just ordered another two 5L bottles to keep the magic working. Our lawn – for the first time in a long while – is looking amazing and the results of lawn magic are seen within minutes of application.

  10. Linda

    My lawn was dreadful when I moved into my new home 4 years ago.
    Now, after using all RJ’s lawn products (Lawn Magic, Moss Killer and Grass Seed) my lawn is just lovely. Several people (including two professional gardeners) remarked last summer that my lawn was the best they had seen. I’m delighted. Lawn Magic lives up to its name ……it’s magic!

  11. Sandra Djemil

    I have had every fertiliser on the market and used lawn magic twice, I cannot belief my own eyes, fantastic

  12. Russell R

    I bought the 5 litre Lawn Magic and dispenser, and after two applications, our lawn looks amazing. Our neighbour has commented on our green lush lawn. I will buy another 5 litres as
    I want to keep up the six weekly regime until late Autumn.
    Very impressed with initial results.

  13. Robert M

    Top stuff for LAWNS, has really made a difference greener thicker grass.

  14. Clark family

    Never seen my lawn so healthy. My neighbor keeps asking what professional gardener we hired as does not believe we did it ourselves.

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Short video explaining how to use Lawn Magic and also how it works
I used Richard Jackson's Lawn Magic on our lawn. It has had 2 applications this year and is looking so full and green. It's looking the best it ever has!! Five stars to Richard for a great product. – Jan Garner
customer's large green lawn
Every year, Lawn Magic never ceases to amaze me ... my lawn must be over 20+ years and it's the greenest in the neighbourhood. Lots of neighbours asking me questions on how I maintain it! – Adil Rajput
customer's lawn small
My Dad uses Lawn Magic all year round to keep our lawn in perfect condition. As we live in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland, our weather is not great, however, with your products we have a beautiful garden. – Margaret O'Brien
customer's lawn Outer Hebrides
Please note our happy lawn. It says a big 'thank you' to Lawn Magic. So do we! – Joan Foard
large customer lawn and borders
I have been using Richard’s Lawn Magic for two years now on my large lawn. What a brilliant product. – Mark Cotton
very large customer lawn
These are the results from Richard Jackson Compost, Flower Power, Root Booster and Lawn Magic – great products. Neighbours come and see my garden every year, even in the cold temperatures of Inverness. – Tommy Stewart
lush green customer lawn

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Lawn Magic 5 Litres
Lawn Magic 5 Litres
£22.50507 in stock

Important Information:  Our team are working very hard to try to get orders out to you quickly, but please bear with us if deliveries take longer than usual at this challenging time.