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This makes feeding your plants faster and easier, and it works with both Flower Power Premium Plant Food and Lawn Magic. It automatically adjusts to the right dilution, and has different spray patterns too!

  • Saves time, effort as well as the bother of filling, carrying and lifting heavy watering cans.
  • Simply adjust the top dial for the product you are using , and it automatically adjusts to provide the correct dilution as you water.
  • Adjustable spray pattern to suit the plants, wide spray for lawns, gentle rain for pots and stream for feeding at a distance and for feeding bigger containers.
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This makes watering cans a thing of the past. Simply pour the liquid Flower Power or Lawn Magic into the feeder, adjust the settings, attach the hosepipe, pull the trigger, and happy feeding. It’s great with soluble Flower Power too, just dissolve the granules in water, (My Easy Shaker makes this a doddle!), and pour the liquid concentrate into the Feeder.

Full instructions are included with the Easy Feeder. See also PDF document of instructions on ‘Additional Information’.


Richard Jackson Easy Feeder User Instructions

Download Instructions

5 reviews for Easy Feeder – Hose End Sprayer

  1. Ben J

    This saves so much effort! I started using it with Lawn Magic last year and it helped cut down on the back ache and time it takes to cover the lawn. It no longer takes 20 refills of the watering can – I now just use the Easy Feeder attached to the hosepipe and go. So easy!


    The liquid never seems to go down so don’t know if plants being fed or not!!

  3. Roy Ainley

    This is my second year now, last year I was very happy with the the feeder, fitted on my hose and no leaks. I’ve had feeders before this is the best one I’ve had Thank You

  4. Roy A

    This is my second year with this feeder, it’s the best one I’ve used. It was easy to connect to my hose. Plus it didn’t leak like some I’ve used, Very Happy with it so far. Thank you

  5. adrian.h

    Started using this end of last year with mixed results, worked a treat with Magic Lawn but when changing over to use Flower power that’s when I had some issues. As per instructions when making up Flower power solution always poured through a tea strainer & seemed to collect the bigger granules, but seemed to work for a bit then stopped taking solution up.
    Now when making solution up in Flower power shaker first have not had one issue with up take of solution, with also changing from Lawn Magic to Flower power washing feeder in between each one. So when used with shaker this is a Fantastic time saving feeder get both & say goodbye to watering can!

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