Freshly Picked Recipe

Great ideas and recipes for using the produce from your garden.

Pumpkin chutney

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Recipe: With its sweet pumpkin flesh, and just a hint of heat from flecks of red chilli, this chutney is perfect with a mature cheddar.

Pear caramel

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Make the most of your garden pears with this delicious recipe for pear caramel from Holly Farrell’s new book, The Jam Maker’s Garden.

apple tarte tatin

Apple tarte tatin

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Apples are starting to ripen in the orchards and gardens, so make the most of your apple harvest with this easy to make tarte tatin recipe from Lubera.

Herb cordials

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Summer cordials are all the rage for pepping up your G n T or assuaging a summer thirst. Experiment with this basic herb cordial recipe and make it yours