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Grow beautiful pots and baskets the easy way this summer. My Container Magic saves you time, effort ,and water! 

  • Three special ingredients combine to help you grow prettier displays and bigger crops in pots with less effort. 
  • Can halve the number of times you water your summer pots . 
  • Enjoy a prettier patio the easy way. 
  • A 480g tub treats up to 12 x 35cm pots. Each tub contains a 5g scoop for easy measuring.
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Save time, save water and grow better displays simply by sprinkling in a few scoops of Container Magic when planting your summer pots and baskets. Container Magic is a unique blend of THREE special ingredients to make patio gardening that much easier. 

  • Time saving. Regular watering is essential to keep summer pots looking their best but it can be very time consuming. Container Magic can help halve the number of times you need to water pots and baskets. It contains special water retaining crystals that make mini water reservoirs in the compost. They absorb water each time you water your pots and slowly release it as the compost dries, so you don’t have to water as often! To help make it even more effective, Container Magic contains two different sizes of crystals for better water absorption and release.
  • Speedier settling: Container Magic contains controlled release nutrients to help your plants establish faster in the first four weeks after planting. From then on, we recommend feeding with Flower Power plant food.
  • Plant boosting: the third special ingredient in Container Magic is Mycorrhizal fungi. This works in conjunction with the plants’ roots to encourage better water and nutrient uptake, helping you grow bigger and healthier plants.
  • A 480g tub treats up to 12 x 35cm pots. Each tub contains a 5g scoop for easy measuring.

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NPK Fertiliser Blend  5 – 5 – 11.5  with micronutrients


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