Premium Multi Purpose Compost

Ever since I’ve been gardening I’ve used compost for potting up, taking cuttings and sowing seeds. Over time, I’ve realised just how much compost can vary in quality, consistency and results. I’ve worked with the top experts to develop this professional grade compost which, I believe, can help anyone grow better plants.

There are many reasons why it is special. I’ve used the ideal blend of peat and wood fibre to encourage good drainage and better root development. I’ve also enriched it with Flower Power nutrients, extra wetting agent, Root Booster humates and seaweed extract. I use it and get great results, time and time again.

Customer reviews

Excellent and Exceptional quality compost!!!

This is my first purchase of Richard Jackson’s premium multi purpose compost!!! On opening the first bag I was amazed. The quality and texture of the compost is the best that I have ever used. I have potted up all my plug plants that have so far come and normally they would struggle for a few days, but even my son said the following morning, “Wow mum all those plants look really green and healthy” I would recommend this product to any gardener.

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Another brilliant Richard Jackson product!

I’ve just placed another order for two more bags of this compost. I’m delighted with the texture/look of this and additionally Richard’s Flower Power is also part of this product. It’s delivered to your door so no lugging the bags from the garden centre into your car and then unloading.

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Superb compost…

I can tell by the texture that it is a premium product, if my plants could talk I am sure they would be so pleased. Thank you Richard…from me and my plants.

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I purchased the double pack of Richard Jackson’s compost and have planted some Primroses and a Rosemary plant so far in tubs. The compost looks better than any other compost I have used. It is very good at remaining moisture. Previous composts I have used have dried up very quickly but this appears to be very moist and my plants are thriving. Another great product from Richard.

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