Seed sowing

Get ready to sow seeds

Growing from seed is the budget way to fill your garden with lots of plants, follow Debi Holland’s tips for success.

woman harvesting spinach

Summer GYO advice

Martyn Cox shares his advice for peak summer Grow Your Own success to keep your plot productive.

basil pesto with greek basil

Does all basil taste the same?

Vicki Cooke explores the virtues of The king of herbs – basil and offers some expert advice regarding taste and flavour


Fruit for free

With the price of everything going up in the shops, growing your own has never been so relevant. It’s a bit like dig for victory, though this time it’s more like dig for survival.

red and green pepper on plant

Beat the fresh food crisis

The fresh fruit and vegetable shelves have never been so bare, but don’t despair. Our gardens can provide all sorts of fresh ingredients even now. Plus, with a little preplanning now, we can grow many many things to eat, from fruit, vegetables, herbs and even some edible flowers.

parsley, rosemary, thyme, sage and chives

Starting with herbs

Herbs are the powerhouses of the garden, kitchen and medicine cabinet. But they have so many other roles too, Jean Vernon explains.

Home grown vegetables and salad

Getting ready to GYO

If you want to grow your own veg this season, Geoff Hodge shares some hard earned tips and advice.

Forcing rhubarb with terracotta pots

Growing rhubarb

One of the easiest fruit you can grow in your garden is rhubarb. Vicki Cooke raises the humble rhubarb to gourmet status.

Sage, rosemary and thyme

Winter herbs in pots

Herbs are the true garden heroes. Herbs can be a gateway into gardening, or the bridge between houseplants and gardens. Jean Vernon explains.

strawberries growing in balcony container

Can I grow fruit in pots?

You don’t need an allotment or a big garden to grow fruit. There are lots of types of fruits that can be grown in pots and planters, Jean Vernon explains.


Growing apples

If there’s one fruit that’s suited to our inclement weather, it’s the apple, says former Royal Kitchen Garden Keeper at Hampton Court Palace, Vicki Cooke.

ripe figs on tree

Grow figs in the UK

Vicki Cooke unravels some of the mysteries and historical facts about growing figs in Britain.

Harvest late summer crops

It’s late summer, but there’s still plenty to be done on the vegetable plot. Keep picking peas, beans and courgettes. And there’s still time to plant salads.

Harvesting basil

Great windowsill herbs

If you are starting out in gardening, or just want to extend your growing range to the windowsill or window box, herbs are a great place to start says Jean Vernon.

Keep your veg garden productive

With a little care and attention you can keep all your herbs, fruit and vegetables at the peak of perfection, Martyn Cox offers some timely advice

Lemon verbena

Five great summer herbs

Jean Vernon’s guide to five perfect herbs to grow this summer.

Grow your own better crops

How to grow the biggest, best and most flavoursome salads, vegetables and fruit.

Blueberry plant in garden

Easy fruit for beginners

Want to grow your own fruit, but not sure where to start? Jean Vernon picks five fruits that are really easy to grow and will give you a great crop year after year.

vegetables and flowers in mixed border

Grow attractive edibles

In his Grow-Your-Own feature Martyn Cox recommends plants that look good and taste great.


Radish revolution

There’s more to radishes than a just a quick filler crop or something for the children’s garden. Vicki Cooke extolls the virtues of the humble radish.

Broad beans growing in small raised bed

Starting out with Grow Your Own

If you want to have a go at growing your own food this season, Jean Vernon offers some timely advice.

Can I grow my own salad?

Follow Geoff Stebbings advice and grow your own salads this season

chitting potatoes

Getting started with potatoes

One of the easiest vegetables to grow is the humble potato. Buy seed potatoes now and give your crop a head start.


What are micro-greens?

If you are tight on space and starting out, have a grow with micro-greens. These tiny plants are simply seedlings and their first leaves pack a punch of flavour.


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