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Barbara Segall

Barbara Segall loves everything herbalicious. She’s a garden writer, an author and an experienced and enlightened herb enthusiast. Barbara is the editor of the Herb Society’s magazine, Herbs and a member of the RHS Herb Advisory Group. Barbara loves growing fruit, vegetables and herbs to cook and eat and share with friends and has recently taken on an allotment.
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Rosemary and sage with bay and peppers

Get festive with herbs

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Herbs are not just great for cooking. Use your herbs creatively this Christmas to add their essence, presence and power to the festivities.

Herb or spice?

Posted on in Plants

When is a plant a herb and when does it become a spice? Some plants can even be both herbs and spice.

Variegated lemon thyme

Plant long-lived herbs

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Herbs are not just short-lived plants for summer. Many will survive year after year in the garden. Choose from lovage, rosemary, sage, thyme and chives.

fennel flowers

Edible herb flowers

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Herb flowers are not just pretty faces: they are also useful in so many ways in the kitchen according to Barbara Segall.