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Winter herbs

Harvesting herbs fresh from your own garden is easy, fabulous and provides unlimited flavour potential. Even over winter you can grow herbs outdoors.


Edible herb flowers

Herb flowers are not just pretty faces: they are also useful in so many ways in the kitchen according to Barbara Segall.


Get festive with herbs

Herbs are not just great for cooking. Use your herbs creatively this Christmas to add their essence, presence and power to the festivities.


Growing mint

Mint is an essential kitchen herb: it has an unforgettable fresh, clean taste says Barbara Segall, and will remind you of peppermints, chewing gum and toothpaste.


Five pretty and practical herbs

Many of our garden plants, beyond those we instantly recognise as culinary herbs, have a history of usefulness as traditional medicinal plants, going back centuries.


Herb or spice?

When is a plant a herb and when does it become a spice? Some plants can even be both herbs and spice.


Plant long-lived herbs

Herbs are not just short-lived plants for summer. Many will survive year after year in the garden. Choose from lovage, rosemary, sage, thyme and chives.


Lemon-scented herbs

You don’t have to grow lemons to get a fresh citrus flavour. Barbara Segall grows some varieties of lemon-scented herbs that have a sharp lemon kick.


Power to the herbs

Herbs are the powerhouse plants of the garden, says Barbara Segall. They deliver ‘va va voom’ to our food, enhancing all the fruit and veg we grow.

1 - 4 of 4 features

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