Stocking fillers for gardeners

Do you need to fill a gardener’s Christmas Stocking with a few garden related...

Christmas gifts for houseplant parents

What can I buy for a houseplant addict for Christmas? Jean Vernon offers some...

How can I make my garden containers more festive?

Geoff Stonebanks shares his festive tips and plants for garden containers.

Robins in the garden

In the depths of winter the gardener’s friend, the robin becomes the star of...

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Grow Your Own Asparagus

When it comes to growing vegetables you need to grow things that you love to eat, crops that are expensive to buy in the shops and things that taste better eaten fresh from the garden says Jean Vernon.

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Winter herbs

Harvesting herbs fresh from your own garden is easy, fabulous and provides unlimited flavour potential. Even over winter you can grow herbs outdoors.

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