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Winter lawn care

It might seem that it’s all quiet on the lawn front during winter and you can ignore it and leave well alone at this time of year. But some timely winter lawn care will ensure...


Plant rescue

If you know what you are doing, you can save money by buying and planting in winter, says Geoff Hodge


Secateurs explained

Geoff Hodge unravels the mysteries surrounding garden secateurs to help you get the best from these useful pruners.


Garden festive cheer

Give your garden, large or small, a boost of drama and colour with some winter-flowering plants says Geoff Hodge.


Getting ready for spring

It may be cold, wet, miserable and depressing outside but there’s still lots you can do outdoors to get your garden ready for spring.


Autumn containers

Add some wow factor to your pots, planters and containers and give them the staying power from autumn through to spring.


How can I deal with drought

The sight of plants wilting and dropping their leaves like it’s already autumn to reduce their water use can be very dispiriting – even depressing, but all is not lost

Advice and Tips

How can I be a better summer gardener?

Late summer can be the best time in our gardens. This year we’ve seen a lot of rain, so growth has been accelerated hugely and as a result there’s still so much to do, but...

1 - 9 of 9 features

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