For extra fast, long lasting results

Believe it or not, some gardeners enjoy weeding. They find it therapeutic. I don’t! To my mind, it’s a chore and I want to get rid of the weeds as easily as possible. My double action weedkiller is extra fast working, very effective and, as it is based on natural ingredients, very environmentally friendly. It works on tough weeds as well as moss and algae, and you can see the results in hours.

Crucially, it also contains a special ingredient which stops the weeds’ roots from growing which then die. So this double action, working on the leaves and the roots, makes my weedkiller especially effective. Fast, long lasting and environmentally friendly –it’s a better way to rid your garden of weeds.

I’ve made some short time-lapse videos showing my Double Action Weedkiller in action!

Customer reviews

I’m completely delighted with your weedkiller, how wonderful to have a product that you can see is working so quickly, is safe for my dogs and is far better for the environment. As a farmer’s daughter I’ve grown up with glyophosates and am very impressed that this is appearing to work on a larger range of plants like horsetail.

Many thanks for all your great products.

Helen Parsons | via website

Used it for the first time yesterday and when I checked today every weed was brown and dead. Excellent product, would highly recommend.

QVC website review

A Beast of a weed killer!!!!!
Sprayed all my dandelions this morning in full sunshine within 2 hours they were brown and shrivelled. Over the years I have tried many branded weed killers but have had to wait a couple of weeks to see any results. I think this product is amazing, with such instant results.

QVC website review

I used this for the first time this week, I could not believe how quick it worked. It did rain later that evening but luckily did not affect the product working. Had a look at the weeds the next morning and they had all died. Sorry weeds but Mr J’s products definitely work you did not stand a chance.

QVC website review

Very Fast!
This is amazing, works very fast even in our cold Scottish weather. Sprayed the weeds and in no time at all they had surrendered and I had the last laugh thanks to this amazing weed killer, another must have for the garden. Big thank you Richard for making life easy when it comes to weeds.

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