Stocking fillers for gardeners

Do you need to fill a gardener’s Christmas Stocking with a few garden related...

Christmas gifts for houseplant parents

What can I buy for a houseplant addict for Christmas? Jean Vernon offers some...

How can I make my garden containers more festive?

Geoff Stonebanks shares his festive tips and plants for garden containers.

Robins in the garden

In the depths of winter the gardener’s friend, the robin becomes the star of...

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Easy Savoury Summer Treats

Every summer Geoff Stonebanks bakes lots of different cakes, sweet and savoury for his open garden, to raise money for charity. Two of the most popular savoury treats that Geoff makes for his garden visitors over recent years are his...

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Christmas cabbage

Create a truly scrumptious side dish to your festive feast, using red cabbage. Even the most reluctant cabbage fans will love this recipe.

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Pickled cucumbers

Have you got a glut of greenhouse cucumbers or even courgettes? Try this recipe and transform your harvest into a sweet, tangy and delicious pickle

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How to make summer cordials

The hedgerows are bursting with elderflower and the garden is rich in fruit ripening in abundance. You can preserve the taste of summer right now, using fresh ingredients from your garden.

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Rose petal jam

Preserve the fragrance of summer with this delicious recipe for rose petal jam. It captures the very essence of roses and lifts the spirits in winter.

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Apple tarte tatin

Apples are starting to ripen in the orchards and gardens, so make the most of your apple harvest with this easy to make tarte tatin recipe from Lubera.

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Pear caramel

Make the most of your garden pears with this delicious recipe for pear caramel from Holly Farrell’s new book, The Jam Maker’s Garden.

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Herb cordials

Summer cordials are all the rage for pepping up your G n T or assuaging a summer thirst. Experiment with this basic herb cordial recipe and make it yours

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Pea cheesecake

This recipe for pea cheesecake is a delicious light lunch or summer starter, and uses everything but the pod itself from the pea plant.

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