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Grow broad beans

Broad beans are an easy vegetable to grow and much more robust than French or runner beans. Why not give them a go in your garden this year?


Know your onions

Get adventurous with your onions this year and try growing some unusual varieties from seed. Vicki Cooke, the former Royal Kitchen Garden Keeper at Hampton Court Palace, shows you how.

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Growing rhubarb

One of the easiest fruit you can grow in your garden is rhubarb. Vicki Cooke raises the humble rhubarb to gourmet status.

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Growing apples

If there’s one fruit that’s suited to our inclement weather, it’s the apple, says former Royal Kitchen Garden Keeper at Hampton Court Palace, Vicki Cooke.


The Hedge of Reason

Former Hampton Court Palace Kitchen Garden Keeper, Vicki Cooke, explains the benefits of hedges and what to grow to create an edible hedge.


Edible flowers

Vicki Cooke explores a few historical plants that have been enjoyed in the garden and as edible flowers, including courgettes, marigolds and nasturtiums.

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Radish revolution

There’s more to radishes than a just a quick filler crop or something for the children’s garden. Vicki Cooke extolls the virtues of the humble radish.


Cabbages and kings

Take a closer look at the underrated cabbage, says former Hampton Court Kitchen Garden Keeper Vicki Cooke


A royal Christmas dinner

Is your festive offering fit for a King or Queen? Just what was on the Christmas table fresh from the garden three hundred years ago?

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A plan for all seasons

Some of the historical techniques that were employed by gardeners decades ago are just as relevant today, especially when it comes to crop rotations.

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Grow corn salad

As the seasons start to turn and the garden harvest wanes a little, plan ahead and sow some corn salad, it’s undemanding and a great choice.


Vitamin-rich salads

Are all salads created equal? Not when it comes to the matter of nutrition. Vicki Cooke explores vitamin-rich salads.

Advice and Tips

Growing from seed

Vicki Cooke Kitchen Garden Keeper at Hampton Court Palace, offers timely advice on sowing and growing from seed.


Salad all year round

Grow salad all year round with these tips from the gardeners of yesteryear. Plant and sow now for delicious and nutritious winter ingredients.


Foxgloves for the garden

Have you ever wondered about growing foxgloves in your garden? Vicki Cooke unravels some of the myths and magic of these wonderful plants

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Grow peppers and chillies

It is perfectly possible to grow peppers and chillies in the UK, indoors or a hot spot outside. Vicki Cooke shares some growing advice, tips and her favourite varieties. Note: This article was originally written...


Growing melons

Tips and advice on growing melons from Hampton Court’s Kitchen Garden keeper, Vicki Cooke.

Feature, Plants

What sort of strawberries should I grow?

I was once party to a late night student debate about the most perfect fruit. The eventual winner was the strawberry, because of its mouth sized portions, no peel or core to deal with, no...

1 - 30 of 874 features

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