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Vicki Cooke

After scrambling through some of the various branches of horticulture, Vicki realised that food production was where her heart is (or should that be stomach!). She spent six years growing traditional UK vegetable varieties for seed at Garden Organic’s Heritage Seed Library. In 2014 she began a new chapter at Hampton Court Palace, recreating a section of the original walled kitchen garden - so she can now grow historic favourites in an historic setting.
Garden Media Guild New Talent Award

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Growing pumpkins

Posted on in Plants

If you fancy growing pumpkins for autumn then now is the time to get growing! Vicki Cooke from Hampton Court Palace Kitchen Garden has some tips to get started.

Kales, Collards and Coleworts

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Hampton Court Palace Royal kitchen garden keeper, Vicki Cooke explores the weird and wonderful world of easy to grow kale

The Hedge of Reason

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Hampton Court Palace Kitchen Garden Keeper Vicki Cooke explains the benefits of hedges and what to grow to create an edible hedge


Growing apples

Posted on in Plants

If there’s one fruit that’s suited to our inclement weather, it’s the apple, says Royal Kitchen Garden Keeper at Hampton Court Palace, Vicki Cooke.