Plantsmith Invigorating Orchid Care Mist 100ml


  • Specialist orchid care mist.
  • 12 essential plant-boosting nutrients.
  • Creates a humid environment loved by orchids.
  • Deters pests and improves resilience.
  • For use on all orchids.
  • Ready to use spray bottle.
  • Perfect for gifting.

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Product Description

Most of our favourite orchids originally come from tropical climates, where they flourish in humid conditions. Our warm, dry homes cause them to lose moisture quickly and can cause leaves to wilt and crisp, or flower buds to drop before opening. Regularly misting your plants with Plantsmith Invigorating Orchid Care Mist, especially during colder months where central heating dries out the air in our homes, will provide an environment that your orchids are comfortable in and will keep them healthy.

Containing 12 essential ingredients, Invigorating Orchid Care Mist creates an ideal humid atmosphere and includes humic acid to stimulate plant growth as well as lavender and avocado oils to deter pests.

Combine with Plantsmith Nurturing Orchid Feed & Tonic to give your orchids the vital vitamins and minerals they need to flourish, and Plantsmith Protecting Bug Control Spray to protect your orchid from common pests and strengthen plants weakened from previous attack.

100% vegan with no animal ingredients or by-products, and all oils are Leaping Bunny certified cruelty free.

How to Use

  • Mist your orchids with Invigorating Orchid Care Mist 2 to 3 times a week, year-round, alongside watering your orchids regularly.
  • Shake the bottle well.
  • Avoiding any flowers, mist the leaves and the bark of your orchid to moisten it.
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