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Our Household Bug Spray is the natural way to discourage a wide range of annoying insects and spiders around the home. It is based on natural plant oils.

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Richard Jackson Household Bug Spray
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Product Description

  • Natural way to help discourage bugs inside the house
  • It doesn’t kill the insects
  • Contains 100% natural plant oils and extracts
  • Safe to use around pets and children
  • Use on door surrounds, cupboards and areas the bugs frequent

Household Bug Spray is the totally natural and safe way to help discourage those annoying bugs that you don’t want to share your home with. This includes spiders, ants, flies, cockroaches and moths, including clothes moths.

Simply spray on and around anywhere in your home where crawling and flying insects and spiders, flies and clothes moths have become a problem. Spray on door surrounds, cupboards, in corners of rooms and in areas where the insects frequent. The spray is environmentally kind, it doesn’t kill the insects, but it discourages them.

Do not spray on coloured carpets and fabrics since fading may occur. Avoid spraying onto polished wood and food items.

The spray is safe to use around pets and children and it doesn’t harm wildlife or the environment.

Ingredients 100% pure, natural plant oils and extracts.

Household Bug Spray is hand-made in the UK with pure essential plant oils especially for Richard Jackson Garden.

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