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Richard Jackson’s High Energy Bird food

My top rated premium bird food is on offer at QVC this month, and with free p&p too! And you can choose to have it delivered through the year at the same amazing free p&p price!

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Happy birds

Enjoy attracting more birds to your garden, and feed them with all the goodness they need. My bird food contains a really special mix of 13 different seeds, each chosen for their nutritional benefit and their high levels of oils, proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates. It’s also 100% free of wheat flakes, a cheap non-nutritious filler found in many bird foods.

Bird Superfood

Loved for its special mix of natural ingredients, it includes extra easy to eat, high energy suet pellets plus, new this year, extra seeds to encourage even more small birds to your garden.

Three times more Energy

My bird food also contains lots of sunflower hearts and other special ingredients including oyster grit (a natural source of calcium for eggs and bones) and dried mealworms which all birds, especially robins and fledglings love. It also provides up to three times more energy compared with ordinary bird foods so is ideal for all year round feeding.

A bumper 12.75kg bag in this amazing January offer costs £26.99 with free p&p. To sign up for extra deliveries every two months through the year at this special free p&p price, choose the auto-delivery option.
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Great Product

This bird food is the best ever I have so many lovely birds in the garden now.
twittywhoo – QVC Customer

Best Bird Food Ever

I absolutely love the number of birds this has brought to my garden.
Lolapola – QVC Customer


The seed went down really well. The birds love it. You can tell it is good quality.
DarkTrinity – QVC Customer

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