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It’s a great time to trim hedges. Try to cut the sides at a slight angle so the bottom is a bit wider than the top. This helps strengthen the hedge and also lets more light reach the base which helps it grow better.

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Pest watch

Slugs are one of the gardener’s worst enemies. Image: Shutterstock.

All the recent wet weather has brought out the slugs and snails in droves. Here are some alternatives to slug pellets to keep these pests at bay.

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This product is wonderful! I have the most beautiful baskets, houseplants, roses and tubs ever!. Thank you.

Just look at my giant flowered hydrangea. Of course, I used Flower Power on it. My neighbours are in awe!

I’ve been using Lawn Magic for two years now. What a fantastic product. My husband is from Liverpool, now our lawn looks like Anfield!

Our tomatoes were so heavy we had to tie them up! We used Flower Power and Root Booster – the best product we have ever used.

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