Keep your veg garden productive

With a little care and attention you can keep all your herbs, fruit and vegetables at the peak of perfection, Martyn Cox offers some timely advice

Can I grow my own salad?

Follow Geoff Stebbings advice and grow your own salads this season

Ripening raspberries on the bush

Extending the grow-your-own season

Early September is the time to crack on with harvesting tomatoes, courgettes, peppers and other tender vegetables & fruit that you’ve been growing outside.

Corn salad 'Vit'

Grow corn salad

As the seasons start to turn and the garden harvest wanes a little, plan ahead and sow some corn salad, it’s undemanding and a great choice.

What is companion planting?

Some plants offer additional benefits when grown in close proximity with others. Jean Vernon explores

Grow Your Own

Summer advice to get the best from your home-grown fruit, vegetables and herbs

Selection of salad leaves growing

Vitamin-rich salads

Are all salads created equal? Not when it comes to the matter of nutrition. Vicki Cooke explores vitamin-rich salads.

How can I grow crops out of season?

Vicki Cooke, kitchen garden keeper at the Royal Hampton Court Palace, reveals some historical tricks of the trade to force plants into growth out of season

Sour power with sorrel

Add a whole new dimension to your menus with sorrel. Keeper of the Royal Kitchen Garden at Hampton Court, Vicki Cooke explains

Spring beauty in the deep midwinter

Plant historian Vicki Cooke unravels the origins of a great garden import – winter purslane; Otherwise known as spring beauty


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