Peanut Butter Feeder for Birds


Specially designed to hold a jar of my protein packed no salt Peanut Butter for Birds, this Peanut Butter Feeder can be either hung from a tree or mounted to a wall or fence. Complete with protective roof and a perch ring so birds can feed head on.

  • The Peanut Butter Feeder comes with a mounting bracket and rust proof chain.
  • The weather-proof polycarbonate material will last for years outside in the garden.
  • The protective hood provides shelter for the birds as they eat.
  • The perch ring provides plenty of space for smaller birds to feed head on.

Peanut Butter jars not included. Available here.

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Product Description

This Peanut Butter Feeder for Birds is the easy way to feed garden birds. Simply twist in a jar of my Peanut Butter for Birds and watch the birds enjoy their protein packed, extra tasty superfood. Cleverly this Feeder can be hung from a tree or hanging basket bracket, or mounted onto a wall, fence or garden shed.

Made from high quality polycarbonate, the feeder is completely weather-proof and will last for years in your garden, rain or shine. It also comes with a rust-proof chain, allowing the feeder to be hung from any space in your garden.

Used with my Peanut Butter for Birds, I’ve found garden birds flock to this feeder throughout the year, and can’t get enough of the high protein, no salt specially formulated peanut butter. In the tests I’ve ran, garden visitors prefer this peanut butter over others I’ve tried, so much so, that other brands, even more expensive ones, are left completely untouched!

So what better way to treat our feathered friends throughout the year than with my Peanut Butter Feeder for Birds? They’ll appreciate the high energy, tasty snack you’ve provided, especially in the colder months when natural sources of food become scarce, and you’ll appreciate watching the delightful display as wild birds flock to your garden to feed, knowing you’re giving nature a helping hand.

  • Made in weather proof polycarbonate that lasts for years.
  • The protective roof shelters the birds as they eat.
  • The perch ring provides plenty of space for the smaller birds to feed head on.
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