Richard Jackson's Plant Invigorator

The environmentally friendly way to beat pests AND boost plants

I was visiting some growers in Guernsey when I first heard of them using a special professional product that was developed as a foliar feed for greenhouse peppers but then discovered to also kill whitefly.

Further trials showed it also controlled many other major plant pests. What’s more it was entirely safe, non-toxic and biodegradable. It sounded too good to be true, until I saw the evidence and subsequently heard that Raymond Evison, the world famous clematis breeder and grower, was so impressed he was also using it in his own garden.

I knew I had to try it and was impressed to discover that it worked amazingly well. So I had to add it to my range. This is my special version, made for me by the very same company in Guernsey who make it for the professional growers.

Customer reviews

I would like to tell you how numerous people have asked me about my hanging baskets. I am 81 years old and this year I have planted 20 baskets. For many weeks the Gas Board have been working in our road and my baskets became a point of conversation with different sets of men until they started knocking on my door to ask where I had bought them from. I ended up writing lists of all your products for at least FIVE men! I take my hat off to you for all your wonderful products. I use them all..Flower Power, Root Booster, Plant Invigorator, Container Magic and Lawn Magic.

Avis Beardsley | Mansfield

I’ve been using Flower Power for a few years now with amazing results. This year I decided to try your Complete Plant Health Kit. WOW!!!!! I can’t believe the results!

I’m attaching some photos of my lilies which have been fantastic this year. I purchased the tree lilies from QVC last year. Earlier on in the season I had a terrible infestation of lily beetle and I honestly thought they’d “had it”. The leaves were all brown and shrivelled and they looked terrible. Anyway, I scraped away some of the soil from the top of the pots and added Root Booster then I sprayed with Plant Invigorator once a fortnight and well JUST LOOK AT THEM!!!!! They were 6ft tall and each stem had 16 flowers – unbelievable! I am the envy of my neighbours and my garden smells like a perfume factory.

Thanks for bringing such wonderful products to the amateur gardener, enabling us to get such professional results.

Dawn Smallman | Greater Manchester

I bought these products, I know that Flower power and Root booster work. Richard said that the Invigorator would work. I was a little doubtful, My roses were covered in greenfly. I gave them a blast of the spray thinking nothing would happen. How wrong, next morning not one single greenfly left.

Thank you Richard for another fantastic product.

QVC website review

Plant saver!

I already knew how good Root Booster & Flower Power were (wouldn’t be without them), but it is Plant Invigorator that has saved my garden! This year all my fruit trees were struck down by pests, but after one application of Plant Invigorator I can see a real improvement.

QVC website review