What’s the best garden bird food?

Feeding the birds has become a bit of a fine art. If you are already an ardent bird feeder you will know that the range on offer at the garden centres can be confusing and overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be like that. There’s a fantastic bird food that’s designed to not only feed your garden birds to keep them in the best possible health that you can use all year round, and that will also make your life easier too.

Richard’s Premium Bird Food is full of high energy ingredients to feed the birds all year round

Richard Jackson’s Premium Bird Food has been developed to be the very best that you can buy. It’s designed to attract the widest range of bird species to your garden all year round. The new improved recipe also contains whole sunflower hearts so that the birds get even more energy, it’s been enhanced with extra high energy suet pellets with more goodness in each pellet and it contains wholesome oat groats which are health packed oats that are cleaner and easier for the birds to digest.

Why is Richard Jackson’s Bird Food Different?

It helps attracts more birds because the seeds are different sizes, providing food for birds with different beak sizes. One customer told us our bird food attracted 44 different species of birds to her garden – you can read about it here.

It feeds them better because every ingredient has been chosen for its goodness. Sunflower hearts are a rich source of oils and proteins, suet pellets are a fast acting source of energy (literally a super food loved by all birds especially robins) while oyster grit provides a natural source of calcium which is essential for the fledglings during the spring and summer seasons and helps the adult birds to lay stronger egg shells.

There is no waste: All of the seeds in this special mix can be eaten, so there are no messy husks to clear up. If any of the seeds fall to the ground and aren’t eaten by ground feeding birds like blackbirds, robins, chaffinches or wrens, then hedgehogs love the bird food too.

It’s versatile: You don’t need to buy different foods for different feeders. This premium bird food can be presented to your birds in bird feeders, or on bird tables and ground feeders.

It’s high quality: Unlike ordinary bird foods, Richard Jackson’s bird feed is not padded out with cheap fillers like wheat flakes; every single ingredient has been carefully selected to provide them with just what the birds need.

What’s in Richard Jackson’s Bird Food?

Every ingredient in this premium bird food is for the birds. There are no fillers, or bulking agents to make it look better than it really is. That means the birds eat everything. Here’s a list of the main ingredients with Richard explaining why they are included.

Sunflower Hearts“I’ve included plenty of whole Sunflower hearts in the pack, as the birds simply love them! It’s their favourite food because they’re a rich source of oil and protein, and they are full of energy and goodness. My special sunflower hearts have had the seed coats removed so it’s quick and easy for birds to eat and so they get maximum energy for minimum effort – it’s their equivalent of very healthy fast food!”

Kibbled Peanuts“Rich in protein, fibre and oils, peanuts are a superb source of energy and are one of the most popular year round foods for a wide range of birds. Whole peanuts can be a choking hazard for young birds; my kibbled peanuts are broken into smaller pieces so they are easier and safer to eat.”

Oats“My oat groats include all the natural fibre rich oat bran, and provide a concentrated source of energy and natural oils. They’re also easier for the birds to digest than traditional oats.”

Hempseed“These oil rich seeds contain essential amino acids and Vitamin E and they provide much needed source of protein for garden birds.”

Nyjer Seed“Oil rich and ideal for birds with delicate bills. Goldfinches love nyjer seed.”

Suet Pellets“One of the best sources of fat and protein, my pellets attract and nourish a wide range of birds. They are especially valuable during the colder months when natural sources of food and nutrients are scarce. These premium higher energy pellets contain no fillers (like calcium carbonate) and are made with natural colourants.”

Oyster Grit“This provides garden birds and fledglings with a natural source of calcium, which is essential during the breeding season.”

Dried Mealworms“One of the finest natural food sources, rich in energy and protein, and especially loved by robins and fledgling birds.”

Where can Richard Jackson’s Bird Food be Purchased?

You won’t find Richard’s bird food in garden centres or supermarkets. Richard’s premium bird food is only available online, either from the Richard Jackson website, or on QVC.






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