January in your garden

Jobs to do this January

  1. Houseplants

    Move houseplants away from windows on very cool nights so they don’t get too cold.
  2. Feed the Birds

    Make sure birds have plenty of food and water. They’re great fun to watch in the garden and while they’re visiting, they’ll do you an extra favour by eating some of the over-wintering pests.
  3. Winter pots & baskets

    Check your winter pots and baskets to see if they need watering. They can dry out surprisingly quickly in windy weather.
  4. Garden centre sales

    Don’t miss out on the garden centre sales. It’s a great time to buy compost, seeds and other garden essentials at bargain prices.
  5. Newly planted trees & shrubs

    Newly planted trees, shrubs and roses may have lifted slightly in the frost. Gently firm them back in on a mild day and check if any tree ties need re-tightening.
  6. Service the lawnmower

    Send the lawnmower off for servicing. By beating the spring rush, you’ll get it back faster. And you’ll be needing to use it sooner than you think!
  7. Over-wintering dahlias & begonias

    Check over-wintering  dahlias and begonias for any signs of rotting off. Cut out any damage and dust the fresh cut with sulphur powder to stop the rot spreading.
  8. Christmas hyacinths

    When Christmas hyacinths have finished flowering, cut off the old blooms, put in a cool, light room and water once a fortnight with Flower Power Premium Plant Food. Plant outside from the end of February.

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