Flower Power Premium Plant Food

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Flower Power is a plant food with a difference. I developed it to grow more flowers, fruits and vegetables than other plant foods. And many gardeners now rate it as the best plant food they’ve ever used! 

Flower Power Premium Plant Food

£9.95 (inc. p&p)

Saving over £9 on our usual price

Flower Power is a plant food with a difference. I developed it to grow more flowers, fruits and vegetables than other plant foods. And many gardeners now rate it as the best plant food they’ve ever used! 

Out of stock


Discover why Flower Power Premium Plant Food is rated by many gardeners as ‘the best plant food they’ve ever used’. Get yours and grow more flowers, fruits and vegetables!

"Absolutely fantastic! I have been using Flower Power over the years and wouldn’t dream of using anything else" – Allan Crutchley

"I'm absolutely thrilled with how my hanging baskets have performed this year. My best ever, all thanks to Flower Power." – Rose Tabberer

"We recommend this plant food 100%. It does exactly what it promises with stunning flowers like these." – Gillian Shadbolt

"I’ve tried other plant foods, but none come close to this! It’s an awesome product, easy to use and I can highly recommend." – Cindy Innes

"I couldn’t believe how much better my flowers have been. My hanging baskets have never looked as good!" – Bertie Murrell


To grow better plants, you need to feed them with a plant food. But not all plant foods are the same. I worked with a leading Garden Scientist to develop a formula based on special feeds used by leading professional growers. My formula contains a unique blend of premium nutrients, seaweed extract, wetting agent and bio-stimulants, and has been tried, tested and trusted by thousands of gardeners to help them grow more flowers, fruits and vegetables compared with the results they achieved with ordinary plant foods.


  • Proven by professionals. Flower Power fed plants have won over 100 Gold Medals and First Prizes at major flower shows, including Chelsea, for plants including clematis, fuchsias, geraniums, begonias, roses, sweet peas, dahlias, aubergines and potatoes.
  • Improves flavour and weather resilience. Flower Power doesn’t just help you grow more. The extra high levels of potash help improve the flavour of fruits and vegetables, make plants more resilient to pests and poor weather, and helps build their winter hardiness.
  • Works wonders on all plants. Use Flower Power on ALL plants, indoors and out. Even with green (foliage) plants like Hostas. You don’t need to buy other feeds for plants like roses, orchids, tomatoes, azaleas … Flower Power gets great results with them all!  
  • A little goes a long way. Flower Power is super concentrated and goes much further than ordinary plant foods. Just add 5g to 4.5 litres/1 gallon of water.

Flower Power is easy to use, either with a watering can or the Flower Power Hose End Sprayer. Using my Easy Shaker to thoroughly dissolve the Flower Power granules before adding to a hose end sprayer, also helps to eliminate the risk of blocking the sprayer with un-dissolved granules. A 5g measuring scoop is included with each pack.




Whilst due to the extra weight, orders weighing over 30kg will be charged at £9.99.

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Reviews (22)

22 reviews for Flower Power Premium Plant Food

  1. Marie Privett

    Really really can’t praise this plant food enough. So many comments about how many healthy flowers and plants we have. For me the biggest change is a 3 yr old lemon tree that I thought I lost with the cold spring. The tree leaves were very crisp and curled so I thought it was on way out, I had brought specific lemon tree fertiliser which has never seemed to improve the tree! But I it completely changed when I fed flower power to it. The tree has lots of healthy new growth and for the first time ever it has flowers so maybe lemons later in the year !
    Thank you Richard for this wonderful plant food x

  2. Maureen Tyler

    Have used this and there is no other like it

  3. Sue

    I only have a small area for growing flowers and vegetable in containers but Flower Power never lets me down fabulous results year after year

  4. Peggy Ayala

    best fertilizer I’ve ever used

  5. Peggy Ayala

    Best plant food I’ve ever used, this stuff is Fabulous.

  6. Ian M Bell

    This is fantastic feed… cannot fault it

  7. Jane Usher

    The best complete plant food available, I use it on all the different plants in my garden, also good for houseplants. Plants grow stronger, bigger and are far more resilient when hit by bad weather, recent storm force winds and torrential rain left petunias destroyed, gave them extra feed of flower power, they recovered and after 2 weeks were once again covered with blooms. I haven’t found a plant that doesn’t benefit from this excellent formulation of plant food. I highly reccomend it.

  8. LindaBarla

    I love this product I couldn’t get it this year and my plants where not the same.I do a lot of container gardening (50) pots so far and this feed is the best for this kind of gardening.Thank you for such a great product.

  9. Susan and Keith Wells

    Excellent product! Wouldn’t use anything else in our garden. Have recommended to so many of our family and friends. Our plants all look so healthy, bright and stand tall. We almost see the difference overnight after a good feed of Flower Power. Most certainly performs and does what it says! Thank you ?

  10. Laurel Ireland

    Best thing i have used and for years.. My flowers are so big.

  11. Dave smith

    I have used this for years with great results from flowers to vegetables. This year I have grown in a Deep Water Culture, being as it’s my first time growing this way I decided to use 5 different products. This product didn’t produce the biggest plants as it’s not high in Nitrogen. However, the fruits the plants produced was about 5X higher than any other product from Miracle grow, tomatoe rite and chilli focus. So next year I’ll start with Miracle Grow to get the plant big the switch to RJ on all my plants from chillies, cucumbers, tomatoes and all my vegetables. I would like a reply from Richard to see if he’s had any success in hydroponics with his product.

  12. Monika Spademan

    Flower Power was recommended to me after I was bowled over by a friend’s garden! I’ve been using it for 3 years now and I wouldn’t use anything else! The results are very visible and it is good value! I love it as it is easy to use. It has all the nutrients for all my plants and vegetables so I have not got a garage full of other plant food! I have over 50 planters and containers and a large garden! I am constantly recommending it as I am very passionate about the product!

  13. Patrick Blake-Kerry

    Used Flower Power for several years on my 20 hanging baskets and 20 containers in a sheltered housing complex. The results are simply stunning, and, quite frankly, I wouldn’t dare use anything else in case the standards dropped. Visitors regularly take photos of our display and fellow residents just love them. Surfinias, Begonias, Geraniums, Dahlias simply thrive. Also use on my greenhouse crops to fantastic effect.

  14. Carol

    I have used flower power for several years , my tomatoes and cucumber plants always take over the green house producing an abundance of fruit, and I also have excellent result with my pot plants. Would recommend this product.

  15. Paul Gosling

    This is my second year of using Flower power . I get comments on my baskets , like how do you get so many flowers and your baskets are amazing. Then I get the big question “how do I do it “ I just say a lot of hard work and some help from my mate Richard.

  16. Karen L

    Flower power is the best ever. Never use anything else. The plants look healthy and well structured.

  17. R Smyth

    This plant food allows my plants compete with Arnold Schwarzenegger in size and strength, all my plants that have been fed with this have grown exponentially faster , larger, healthier, stronger, vibrant etc. it is better than any other product i have tried, the results speak for themselves.

  18. Kim

    I have used this for several years and the results are always amazing. I actually did a comparison test last year using another well known product and Flower Power and the flowers in the Flower Power hanging basket were significantly bigger. Great product.

  19. Lisa

    Fabulous product, would definitely recommend. Wouldnt buy any other product 5*

  20. Julie R

    I love this product. Gives brilliant results and really helps transform my garden. Would highly recommend it.

  21. MLuck

    Great product to keep the flowers blooming all summer.

  22. Barbara B

    I used the Flower Power Premium Plant Food last year on my summer bedding and the results were absolutely amazing compared to other products. My plants
    and flowers definately thrived and were bigger than I expected. I would recommend this product and will be ordering more for this years plants.

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