Organic Liquid Plant Food Double Pack



Grow more flowers, fruits and vegetables naturally with my double pack of Flower Power Organic Liquid Plant Food! These two 500ml bottles will give you 100 litres of diluted feed. It’s 100% organic, so can can help you to grow bumper and tastier crops, as well as lots more flowers.


Use from early spring to mid-autumn when plants are growing. Can also be used in winter to boost winter-flowering plants.

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Organic Liquid Flower Power Double Pack 2 500ml Bottles
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Product Description

Over the past 5 years, I have been experimenting with many different plant feeds in order to develop an organic version of my top performing Flower Power Plant Food.

Many organic plant feeds are disappointing, either because they don’t contain enough nutrients, or they contain the wrong balance of nutrients. To grow more flowers, fruits and vegetables, a plant food must be rich in potash, so that was the starting point for my experiments.

Eventually, I discovered an organic certified formulation that was being used, and trusted, by commercial growers. It produced great results in my garden, so I have now made it available to home gardeners.

Flower Power Organic Plant Food is my special 100% natural formulation that contains all the major nutrients plants will need, as well as iron and essential trace elements for healthy growth.

It also contains seaweed extract for a natural bio-stimulant boost, and sugars to help beneficial soil microbes and fungi, which work in harmony with plant roots to help better nutrient uptake. Quite simply, my organic feed grows great plants, naturally and is 100% vegan friendly – all the ingredients originate from plants, not from animals, as can be the case in other feeds. This also makes my feed completely pet and child safe when used in the garden.

A 500ml bottle of Flower Power Organic Liquid Plant Food makes up to 50l of dilute plant feed.