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Richard Jackson
Richard Jackson
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WANTED – Fans of Flower Power products to be filmed and featured on QVC!

The QVC shopping channel is looking for genuine customers who have had great experiences using Richard Jackson’s Flower Power plant food or any of the other products in Richard’s range, including Lawn Magic, Root Booster, Container Magic or Premium Bird Food.

If you use any of Richard’s gardening products and would be happy to share your experience then the team at QVC would love to hear from you.

It’s a unique and exciting opportunity to not only meet with Richard, but also to be filmed for QVC.

Meet Richard

Richard Jackson’s Flower Power plant food

Richard, who presents the popular QVC gardening programme, Richard Jackson’s Garden, wants to find and feature real gardeners who use his award winning products, on his programme. “I’d really love to meet to you and chat to you about your experience with my garden products,” he says. “QVC will be filming us having a chat. We’re planning to do the filming in a garden in Chiswick on Thursday 14th September and it would be lovely if you could join us. You can bring a friend for support, or, if they love the products too, maybe they could be filmed with you. What’s more, QVC will provide a make-up artist, so you will get a mini makeover before appearing on camera! And they will also pay up to £25 travelling expenses.”

The chosen few will be invited to London to take part in some filming that will be broadcast on the shopping channel at a future date.

“Please don’t be shy,” says Richard. “I’m really looking forward to meeting you and having a chat. And don’t be worried about the thought of filming; the crew just blend into the background and you’ll quickly forget that they are there. And who knows, next year, you could be starring on QVC!

If you’d like to take part, please email QVC at

To help us, we’d be grateful if you could provide the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Age
  • Contact details (phone number and full postcode)
  • A brief summary of your experience and thoughts about the gardening products you’ve used.
  • A photo of your garden/plant area before and after
  • A photo of yourself in the garden/plant area

If you’ve been selected to take part, someone from the QVC team will be in touch with further details. 

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