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Young Plant Food. Helps young plants establish and grow better.

Have you ever marvelled at the quality of the young plants being sold by garden centres? One of their secrets is the special feed that the growers give their plants at the nursery. I’ve worked with one of the leading liquid fertiliser companies in the world to develop a home gardener version of their professional formulation.

Used at the first potting on stage, two weeks after potting on and then when planting out, Young Plant Food gently nurtures the plants and helps them establish faster.

This product is currently out of stockShop for Richard's other products on QVC

This product is currently out of stockShop for Richard's other products on QVC

Customer reviews

Does the Biz!

Richard’s presentations of this usually include some photos of someone’s trials. I never believe the sales pitch so I ran my own. Half a tray of plants fed and half a tray not fed. The comparison was stunning.

Last year’s bedding plants were the best ever. The only difference in the way they were brought up, compared to earlier years, was Young Plant Feed.

I’ve already ordered two bottles for this year.

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Essential for baskets.

Having bought for the first time last year I am now buying again this year. I have never had hanging baskets like it! Amazing product and displays that make you look like a professional. Don’t hesitate buy and you will be able to enjoy wonderful plants which grow three times as big and last longer.

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Another winner from the Richard Jackson Stable.

I grow a lot of plants from seed with mixed results. Since using the Young Plant Food I have noticed my young plants look healthier than previous years. My Tomato plants look like little trees, similar to those you buy at the garden centre.

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