Root Booster …… builds strong roots, helps you grow better plants.

A few years ago, when judging the News of the World Gardener of the year competition, I was amazed by the quality of the pots and baskets grown by the winner. On asking her the secret of her success, she told me that she used a special professional grower additive, a form of humates, which she mixed into the compost when planting her summer containers.

Humates help plants to produce up to 30% more flowers, fruits and vegetables by enabling them to extract nutrients more effectively from compost or soil, stimulate root growth and also help plants overcome stress. My own version, Root Booster, is added to patio containers at planting time or used when planting directly into the garden.

Customer reviews

I bought some strawberry plants this year, planted them with Root Booster and fed with Flower Power. I thought you’d like to see the results, I took the photo with the £1 coin in front so you could see the actual size. These were the first ones picked.

June Angrove | via email

Two baskets planted up with plug plants, using Rootbooster and flower power. Great result! I’ll be doing the same this year.

Ann Callaghan | Ferndown

Our tomatoes were so heavy we had to tie them up! We used Flower Power and Root Booster – the best product we have ever used.

Josephine & Raymond Cornish

I could never grow busy lizzies, now I use Root Booster and Flower Power and wow, look at the results. My baskets have never looked so good.

Rhona Fenton | Glamis