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If you grow flowers, fruits and vegetables, this is the best fertiliser you can buy. Its extra high levels of potash produce amazing results for thousands of gardeners, from beginners to experts. See below for some of their comments.

NEW: Better than ever - Flower Power now also includes chelated trace elements, which are used by professional growers to provide even faster nutrient uptake!

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NEW: Better than ever - Flower Power now also includes chelated trace elements, which are used by professional growers to provide even faster nutrient uptake!

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Customer reviews

Find attached photo of my Christmas Cactus. It is three years old and was in poor condition. Last christmas after flowering it was about 6″ high and looked on its last legs. I put it in the garage over winter and in April transferred it to the green house and fed it with Flower Power once a month. As you can see it is in full bloom this christmas and is one mass of flowers. Thanks Flower Power.

Joseph Cooper | via email

Joseph Cooper's Christmas Cactus

We thought you might like this photo of our Wisteria that my wife feeds with flower power. She bought it from a supermarket for £1 as they thought it was dying! That was 15 years ago but you can see how it’s blossomed in the bell pot since my wife has started using Flower Power!!!

Hugh & Christine Roberts | North Yorkshire

Just had to send you a photo of my hanging baskets, fed with your Flower Power.
Absolutely fantastic, they are so big they are now almost touching the floor.
Everyone who visits us are in amazement at the size of them and people are asking if
I would make baskets for them.

Mrs Joyce Davenport | From the Wirral, Merseyside

Proof of my hollyhock – the clematis has gone through it – lovely. It worked on my pampas grass too, it had 25 plumes!

I am 69 and have been gardening since i was a child on our allotment – this food is quite simply the best feed EVER.

Carol Ingham | via email

Hi, I have attached photo of our Calla Lily. It’s the best it has ever been after using Flower Power, and is now about four foot high and 3ft wide. We’re very impressed!

Lesley and Phil | via email

Fantastic Product. This is just ONE hanging basket fed with Flower Power.

Charlotte Green | via email

I planted five tree lily bulbs last year and have been feeding them with flower power. Just look at them now, and they’re only in their second year! I’m especially pleased since I live by the sea so they’ve had to cope with all sorts of wind and weather. Everyone around here is amazed how well they’ve done and I’ve had so many lovely comments about them.

Krystal Collins | by email

I am so thrilled that I have been awarded a Gold Winners award for my hanging basket and Gold second award for my container garden in the Bournemouth in Bloom awards held last week. It was really such a surprise as they had a different way of judging this year. As you know I am a great believer in Flower Power and am always thrilled with the results. Many people asked me what I fed them with so told them to tune to QVC and buy Flower Power!!

Jean Willis | Bournemouth

Just look at my giant flowered hydrangea. Of course, I used Flower Power on it. My neighbours are in awe!

Annette Keegan | via email

We’ve been using your flower power for 2 years now, it’s amazing!!!

Jayne & Ian | Romford

This Bougainvillea is over 10 years old and has flowered reasonably well over that time fed with tomato fertiliser. When I fed it with flower power, it grew about 1 metre high with easily twice as many flowers as any previous year, and won best in show at our Horticultural Society Show.


John Collis | via Email

This product is wonderful! I have the most beautiful baskets, houseplants, roses and tubs ever!. Thank you.

Margaret Gaw