Richard Jackson’s Premium Lawn Magic

…for a green, healthy and great looking lawn.

  • Greens the grass and strengthens the roots
  • Includes special seaweed extract
  • Ideal for all lawns
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A few years ago, I came across a professional lawn feed that was used by groundsmen responsible for some of the best venues in the country including some top premier league football grounds, rugby pitches, bowling greens and golf courses. I was very impressed but, knowing that home gardeners have slightly different needs, wanted to develop my own version.

After trials on my own lawn and then testing it at a very important sports ground, I introduced Richard Jackson’s Lawn Magic. I’m delighted how well it works – it greens the grass in days, builds a stronger, more resilient root system and enables the grass to cope better during droughts or excess rain. As one of the recent reviews says ‘it does work like magic!’

  • Has an unlimited shelf life
  • It can be used at any time of year as long the temperature is over 5C (41F)
  • Apply through a watering can or hose sprayer
  • Safe for pets and wildlife once diluted
  • For best results use every five to six weeks from spring to autumn
  • Treats up to 500sqm (5,380sqft)

This new & improved formulation now includes added sugars for extra resilience and to help fight fungal diseases – perfect for getting your garden in shape for summer! Premium Lawn Magic (5 litre) is available on QVC for £22.00 (plus p&p).
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I have been using Richard’s Lawn Magic for two years now on my large lawn. What a brilliant product.

Neighbours envy

In July I had barely any grass left after clearing away all the moss. In mid July I applied Lawn Magic and waited. By the end of September, after a further application of Lawn Magic, I have a lawn which is the envy of the neighbours.

What a difference!

What a difference Lawn Magic makes. Every winter our little Westie, Alfie, ruins the lawn and then in the spring the magic of Lawn Magic works!

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