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Plant Invigorator Concentrate 250ml

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This is quite remarkable. It’s friendly, non-chemical way to beat plant pests and feed your plants each time you spray them. And it’s the formula used and trusted by 100’s of professional growers. 

  • Controls a wide range of pests including greenfly, blackfly and red spider mite.
  • Contains special nutrients to feed your plants and keep the leaves healthy and glossy.
  • Also helps control mildew disease
  • Safe for kids, pets, bees and ladybirds
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A few years ago, I was in Guernsey visiting Raymond Evison, the world-renowned breeder and grower of clematis. He told me about a special product that he, and hundreds of top growers, were using as a plant tonic that also controlled plant pests. During my visit, I met other growers all of whom also used on a variety of plants including tomatoes, cucumbers and freesias. All of the growers highly recommended it. I then tested it at home, loved it, and then worked with the manufacturer to introduce my own version. For best results, do what the professionals do , spray once a week, on the top and undersides of the leaves, applying enough spray until it starts to drip off the leaves. If the plant is suffering from a pest attack, spray every three days for a fortnight, then once weekly from then on.

  • Three in one action. Helps control plant pests at the same time as feeding plants through their leaves. And helps control powdery mildew disease.
  • Works by physical action. It’s the non-chemical way to control many pests including greenfly, blackfly, whitefly, mealy bug and scale insects.
  • Based on the professional formula. As used and trusted by some of the leading growers and gardens in Europe.
  • Safe for pets, kids bees and ladybirds. And it can be used on edible plants like herbs, fruits and vegetables that can be harvested straight after spraying.
  • Special double strength formula. It goes TWICE as far as before!

250ml double concentrate bottle makes up to 50 litres of dilute spray. That’s 100 spray bottles filled to the 500ml mark, plenty for the average gardener to use indoors and outdoors for TWO YEARS or more! 

Additional Information

Contains: A special blend of nutrients which include Iron Chelate (Fe), Manganese Chelate (Mn), Magnesium (Mg) plus a unique blend of surfactants.

Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.


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