Peony Coral Charm 3 bare roots


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One of my all-time favourite plants! Fabulous, huge, dinner plate flowers in stunning shades of coral pink. An absolute show stopper that’s surprisingly easy to grow.

  • Colour changing, initially coral – pink gradually turning soft peach.
  • Tough, hardy plant that gets bigger and better year by year.
  • Fabulous cut flower too.
  • Full growing instructions included.

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Flowers between May and June. Best grown in sun or partial shade in the garden rather than in pots.

Grows 90cm/36in tall and 85cm/34in wide.

Supplied as a bare root plant with 3 eyes. Your peony won’t flower in its first season but will settle in, then should start to flower from next year onwards, producing more flowers year by year. Mine is 6 years old and produces over 20 huge flowers each season. It’s absolutely breath-taking.

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