Moss Remover 5kg


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Enjoy a beautiful lawn without the back ache. My organic based lawn fertiliser contains naturally occurring bacteria which removes the moss naturally while gently feeding the lawn.

  • Slow release nutrients feed lawn for up to 3 months.
  • Helps improve soil … enriches root zone with organic matter.
  • Helps control and remove moss.
  • No scorch formula.

5kg tub treats up to 100 sq metres.

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This is brilliant. The easy way to remove moss naturally, with no raking, no scarifying and no backache! My professional formula organic based nutrients feed the lawn, gently, for up to three months. As the grass greens, the high potash level in the feed destroys moss through secondary action. The moss over feeds on the potash, which then destroys the moss over a 10- 20 days period. The naturally occurring bacteria then ‘eats’ the dead material like the moss (and also thatch), making it un-necessary to rake or scarify after the treatment.

Best used in the spring to help control moss, and in early autumn to stifle its winter development. Children and pets can re-enter treated area once watered in. Unlike many moss products, my Moss Remover won’t stain paths and patios.

5kg tub treats up to 100 sq metres.



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