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Special Spring Offer

Liquid Plant Food (2 x 1 litre bottle)

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Get the special Flower Power results with less effort. No granules, no mixing, no hassle. This is the easy use liquid version of my award winning plant food.

  • Flower Power is a plant food with a difference and helps you grow more flowers, fruits and vegetables than other plant foods. Many gardeners rate it as the best plant food they’ve ever used!
  • Proven by professional gardeners who have used it to win over 80 Gold medals and First prizes at major flower shows.
  • In an independent scientific trial, Flower Power produced over DOUBLE the crop of tomatoes compared with the leading brand of plant food.
  • Each 1 litre bottle makes up to 200 litres of dilute feed.
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To grow better plants, you need to feed them with a plant food. But not all plant foods are the same. I worked with a leading Garden Scientist to develop a formula based on special feeds used by leading professional growers. My formula contains a  unique blend of premium nutrients, seaweed extract, wetting agent and bio-stimulants, and has been tried, tested and trusted by thousands of gardeners to help them grow more flowers, fruits and vegetables compared with the results they achieved with ordinary plant foods. Scroll down to see their amazing results and discover why Flower Power is rated by many gardeners as ‘the best plant food they’ve ever used’.

  • Proven by professionals. Flower Power fed plants have won over 80 Gold Medals and First prizes at major flower shows, including Chelsea, for plants including clematis, fuchsias, geraniums, begonias, roses, sweet peas, dahlias, aubergines and potatoes.
  • Improves flavour and weather resilience. Flower Power doesn’t just help you grow more. The extra high levels of potash help improve the flavour of fruits and vegetables, make plants more resilient to pests and poor weather, and help build their winter hardiness.
  • Works wonders on all plants. Use Flower Power on ALL plants, indoors and out. Even with green (foliage) plants like Hostas. You don’t need to buy other feeds for plants like roses, orchids, tomatoes, azaleas…Flower Power gets great results with them all!

Liquid Flower Power is easy to use, either with a watering can (5ml per 1 litre of water) or with the Flower Power Hose-End Feeder. Each 1 litre bottle makes up to 200 litres of dilute feed.

Additional Information

Compound fluid fertiliser NPK: 2.5 – 2.6 – 7.6 

Also contains Boron (B) 0.0025 %w/w, Copper (Cu) 0.0018 %w/w,and Manganese (Mn) 0.0087 %w/w.

3 reviews for Liquid Plant Food (2 x 1 litre bottle)

  1. Judy

    I started using Richard Jackson’s Flower Power Liquid Plant Food last year. As a keen but inexperienced gardener I have been delighted how easy it is to use the product, especially with the hose-end feeder. More importantly the results have been fantastic – much to the envy of my more experienced gardening neighbours!

  2. Ron T

    I thought I would try Flower Power with the intention of returning it if it failed to work, WOW, what an Amazing product, it really works. I have been using Richard Jackson’s for many years and the results are outstanding. The best buy in gardening I’ve ever made

  3. Gerard Rankin

    Have used for three years with great results.

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