Richard Jackson's Liquid Flower Power with Hose End Sprayer

Richard Jackson’s Liquid Flower Power and hose-end sprayer

Now there’s an even faster and easier way to feed your plants with Flower Power. Announcing the brand new, and long awaited, Liquid version of Flower Power. There’re no granules to dissolve, and you get the same, great Flower Power results. Either add the liquid Flower Power to a watering can, or, even easier, simply pour it into the Liquid Flower Power hose-end feeder, and as you water your plants, you’ll be feeding them too!

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The fast and easy way to feed your plants

See just how easy it is to use liquid flower Power. Our new hose-end feeder makes light work of feeding. Simply add 300ml of liquid flower Power to the feeder, connect to your hosepipe, switch on and it’ll produce the equivalent of ten x 6 litre watering cans of Flower power nutrients. It’s the easy and fast way to feed your plants – without all the fuss and weight or bother of using watering cans.

We’ve been using your flower power for two years now, it’s amazing!!!Jayne & Ian from Romford
This product is wonderful! I have the most beautiful baskets, roses and tubs ever!Margaret Gaw
Our Calla Lily is the best it’s ever been after using Flower Power. We’re very impressed!Lesley and Phil via email

The secret behind Flower Power’s great results

Whether you choose the traditional soluble form or the new liquid version, Flower power will produce the same great results. Flower Power contains more Potash than other plant foods, and Potash is the key nutrient that encourages flowering and fruiting, as well as developing stronger, more resilient plants, and better flavour too. It’s also packed with all the other important nutrients including vital trace elements, plus seaweed extract for bio-stimulant growth and a wetting agent to help those special nutrients reach every root every time.

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