Richard Jackson’s Lawn Magic and NEW Easy Feeder

My new kit includes a new three litre, easy pour bottle of Richard Jackson’s Lawn Magic, plus a brand new Easy Feeder hose end sprayer which makes Lawn Magic easier than ever to apply.

Buy now on QVC £26.50 (plus p&p).

Lawn Magic and Easy Feeder kit

Lawn Magic is the professional secret of green, healthy and great looking lawns. Now, there’s an even easier way to apply it. Simply add it to the Easy Feeder, attach your hosepipe, and water on that Magic. From now on, it takes just a few minutes to produce a great looking lawn!

The Lawn Magic difference

Lawn Magic is unlike ordinary lawn food. Most of those simply green the grass, crucially Lawn Magic strengthens it too. That’s why so many professionals choose to use it (under its commercial name) because it produces great looking and more resilient pitches. It’s so popular with the professionals that approximately 80% of the Premier Football and Rugby grounds rely on it! For home gardeners, Lawn Magic produces a green, healthy, great looking lawn that’s tougher too, so it’s better for kids, pets and simple day to day enjoyment.
See how Lawn Magic works

Easy Feeder – great for Flower Power too!

Quite simply, I think my Easy Feeder is a breakthrough in garden feeding. It’s adjustable, simply turn the dial to select the product you want to apply, from Lawn Magic to soluble or liquid Flower Power. Then choose which spray pattern you want, from wide (for lawns), to stream (to reach the back of borders) or gentle rain (for containers and flowers). My clever built in Venturi system ensures you’re applying the perfect dilution all the time you’re watering!

It’s a great deal!

Lawn Magic is tried and tested by thousands of QVC customers. The five litre size has over 70 five star reviews on
Now with a brand new Easy Feeder hose end sprayer which makes Lawn Magic easier than ever to apply. Get your lawn in tip-top condition, ready for the summer!

Richard Jackson’s Lawn Magic 3 Litre Grass Feed with NEW Easy Feeder available on QVC for £26.50 (plus p&p)

Buy now on QVC

Lawn Magic really works!

Thousands of gardeners have discovered how Lawn Magic transformed their lawn. It works on new lawns, patchy lawns, tired lawns as well as helping keep great lawns looking wonderful. These photos, kindly sent to me by QVC customers, show how Lawn Magic could help your lawn.


I have been using Richard’s Lawn Magic for two years now on my large lawn. What a brilliant product.

Neighbours envy

In July I had barely any grass left after clearing away all the moss. In mid July I applied Lawn Magic and waited. By the end of September, after a further application of Lawn Magic, I have a lawn which is the envy of the neighbours.

What a difference!

What a difference Lawn Magic makes. Every winter our little Westie, Alfie, ruins the lawn and then in the spring the magic of Lawn Magic works!

Only £26.50 (plus p&p), on QVC

Buy now on QVC