Special Spring Offer

Special Spring Offer

Giant Flowered Fuchsias 6 super plugs – mixed colours

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All fuchsias are lovely but these have that show-stopping Wow Factor. The huge blooms cascade down the side of baskets and window-boxes, and each plant can produce up to 200 giant flowers this summer!

  • Huge flowers up to twice the size of ordinary trailing fuchsias.
  • Perfect for hanging baskets where you can look up into the beauty of each flower.
  • Good in sun or partial shade.
  • Full growing instructions included.

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SKU: J19069 Part of the range.


Flower from July to October. For best results, from the end of June on, feed three times a week with Flower Power Premium Plant Food.

  • Sold in a collection in a mix of lovely colours.
  • 5 plants will completely fill a 35cm/14in hanging basket.

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