Richard Jackson
Gardener’s Gift Crackers

Here’s a gift with a difference. My Gardener’s Gift crackers! There are two crackers in each set, each containing presents I’d love to receive: a pair of very useful quality metal gardening snips, a tube of 20 of my new Flower Power Fizzy Feed Tablets plus a mini-leaflet with my top gardening tips for the New Year.

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This set of two Gardener’s Gift Crackers is the very first of three fabulous Christmas gift ideas for QVC. Often, presents look fabulous but sometimes the contents can be disappointing. I was determined that these should be practical and useful, and appeal to Gardeners and non-Gardeners alike.

Just the snip

These aren’t like ordinary crackers. I’ve chosen the contents with great care. For some years, I’ve used a pair of metal garden snips for everything from light trimming and deadheading, to harvesting herbs and cutting flowers. So, when I was considering gifts for the crackers, I knew these were a must. I use two types at home, so I’ve included both in the pair of crackers (my red handled mini secateur trimmers in the green crackers and my green precision snips in the white crackers).

Fizzy Flower Power!

Each cracker also contains a brand new version of my Flower Power Plant Food… my easy dissolve fizzy tablets. Simply pop a tablet in 2 litres of water and it dissolves quickly to make the perfect feed for flowering houseplants as well as summer pots and containers. The crackers also include my mini leaflet with tips to help gardeners get the New Year off to a great start.

Each set of two crackers costs £22.00 £19.98 plus p&p, which I think is great value as the pair of metal snips and trimmers are worth around £20 on their own!
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