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This is the easy way to dissolve Flower Power Premium Plant Food granules! In a few shakes, you’ve a pure, filtered concentrate ready to use in the Flower Power Hose-End Feeders, or to add to the watering can, as and when you want to feed your plants.

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  • Hose-end feeders are brilliant, but if you don’t dissolve the Flower Power granules fully, they can occasionally block the uptake tube and the feeder stops working properly until it’s un-blocked.
  • The Easy Shaker produces a pure, filtered liquid concentrate that can be poured directly into the Hose-End Feeders.
  • Once made, the filtered liquid concentrate can be used for up to 30 days, so it can also be used in watering cans, saving the chore of mixing and dissolving the granules each time you feed.

2 reviews for Easy Shaker

  1. Guinnessdublin (verified owner)

    Before getting this found even with powering flower power through a tea strainer my easy feeder still got blocked up, used this today several times & worked a treat. So if your using flower power granules this shaker is a must buy, get one!

  2. Mrs Marion Symons (verified owner)

    Having a very large garden and about 150 containers, I do a massive amount of feeding. I open to the public in and of St Luke’s Hospice and like to put on a good show. Always use Flower Power on everything, but it was a nuisance when the feeder blocked. Not any more!!! The easy feeder is wonderful and watering on through hose end feeder is a joy. No blockages, simple to use and saves time and stress. Buying another one to keep in stock.

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