Easy Flowers 750g


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Grow your own summer of colour. Six months of flowers , the easy way. Just shake, rake and water!

  • Each box contains a selection of some of Richard’s favourite summer annuals including cornflowers, poppies and larkspur.
  • Attracts butterflies and bees
  • Each box covers up to 10sq metres of garden
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Brighten up your garden with months of colour, the easy way! Richard has carefully chosen a professional blend of seeds to provide a tapestry of colour all summer. These beautiful flowers will also attract and nourish butterflies and bees by providing them with a rich source of pollen and nectar. For best results, sow in a sunny spot during April or early May.


To help you get the very best results, this pack contains:

  • Eighteen different types of easy grow summer annuals flower seeds, all chosen to grow and look beautiful together. Some will flower early, others later so you should enjoy months of ever changing colour.
  • Specially graded Gypsum which acts as a spreading agent to help you sow the seeds more evenly. In addition, it’s enormously beneficial because it also helps the soil retain nutrients and water.
  • A special natural fertiliser rich in nitrogen, potassium, trace elements and amino acids, all of which give the emerging seedlings a great start in life



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