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Double Action Weedkiller Concentrate 1020ml


(6 customer reviews)

I introduced this because it’s the better way to kill weeds. Remarkably, it’s based on a naturally occurring ingredient in geranium leaves and it works very fast.

  • 100% glyphosate free and totally bio-degradable.
  • Extra fast acting, you can see the results within 24 hours.
  • Double action, unlike some weedkillers, mine works on the leaves and the roots, so it’s a better way to control a wider range of weeds.

196 in stock

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If you look at the weedkiller section in a Garden Centre, you’ll be amazed by the range on offer. Some contain glyphosate (a controversial chemical banned by some retailers), others are only effective on the leaves but not the roots (so aren’t that effective on the tougher perennial weeds like ground elder) while some weedkillers can take weeks to work. This is different. It’s glyphosate free, works on annual and perennial weeds, and it works really fast. It’s the way forward in better weedkilling!   

  • Extra fast acting. Some weedkillers can take weeks to work. You can see this working in hours! On hot sunny days, results can be seen within 2 hours (see video clip below), on cooler, cloudier days, it still works within 24 hours.  
  • 100% glyphosate free. Reassuringly, this is based on a naturally occurring ingredient found in geranium leaves and is totally bio-degradable.
  • Treats a wide range of weeds including ground elder, bindweed, dandelions, nettles and couch grass. It’s also very effective on moss, weeds and grass growing in paving. It’s not recommended for control of Ivy and Japanese Knot weed, or for treating weeds in lawns (use a lawn weedkiller like Vitax LawnClear for these).
  • Pets and kids, can re-enter the treated area once it has dried. 
  • For best results: Spray on a dry day, on dry leaves, and don’t spray if it’s likely to rain within 4 hours otherwise the weedkiller won’t be fully absorbed. And try to spray all of the leaves to make sure as much weedkiller as possible is absorbed. 


Richard Jackson Double Action Weedkiller Instructions

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Questions & Answers

  • Remove the green cap, unscrew and remove the measuring cup then cut off the top of the spout on the Weedkiller bottle. Screw the measuring cap back on to re-seal the bottle.

  • The concentrate should be diluted at the rate of 85ml concentrate to 500ml of water. The dosing cap on the bottle will automatically measure 85ml of concentrate. The diluted Weedkiller can be used for up to 24 hours.

  • The weeds must be dry before application and don’t spray them if it’s likely to rain within 4 hours after application or the Weedkiller won’t have time to be absorbed by the leaves.

    The Weedkiller should be applied to all parts of the plant. Drench the weeds thoroughly to guarantee an optimum absorption of the active substances.

  • Most weeds will be killed outright but some well established perennial weeds may produce some re-growth a few weeks after treatment.

  • My Double Action Weedkiller can be used on all sizes of weed. But the effect is better when the green surface area of the weed is big enough so that the maximum amount of active ingredient can penetrate the leaves and reach the roots. Best effects are reached with weeds sized 5-10cm. Drench the weeds thoroughly to guarantee an optimum absorption of the active substances.

  • My Weedkiller works on most common tough weeds such as, stinging nettles, thistles, ground elder, chickweed, etc. It is also very effective on moss and algae. Like many other weedkillers, it isn’t that effective against Japanese knotweed and ivy. Please don’t use the product on your lawn as it will kill the grass. To treat weeds on lawns, I’d recommend Vitax LawnClear 2.

  • Unlike other weedkillers, mine works in cool weather but only when the temperature is above 7ºC. It starts to work once the temperature is between 7ºC and 10ºC but the weeds will die more slowly in this cool weather. For faster results, spray when the weather is warmer.

Additional Information

Active ingredients:
186.7 g/l Pelargonic acid (18.52% w/w) 30g/l. Maleic Hydrazide (2.98% w/w)

Formulation: Soluble (liquid) Concentrate.

Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

6 reviews for Double Action Weedkiller Concentrate 1020ml

  1. Julia Wood

    Yes it show results very quickly but it does not kill the roots of Mares Tail.As claimed. Having waited 4 weeks for delivery was delighted with instant action but with the rain we are having it is all back.

  2. Nicky Titchener

    This must be the best weed killer ever made! It works like a dream, destroying everything it comes into, so be careful if you are using it near your plants. If you’re applying it on a sunny day, the weeds, like dandelion, curl up and die within hours! I wouldn’t dream of paying £25 for weed killer normally, but this is the king of weed killer, with the added benefit of being produced from natural sources.

  3. Mavis Yates (verified owner)

    I bought this from QVC over 12 months since and it never lets me down. My husband can’t believe how quickly it works. . It is an exceptional product as are all your products.

  4. Brian Martin (verified owner)

    This is without ant doubt the best weedkiller on the market. As long as you follow the instructions and only spray the leaves of what you want to kill, you don’t even have to worry about plants nearby being killed.
    It is the only thing that kills my problem of bindweed from a neighbouring garden. Brilliant on Doc leaves also.
    Finally, for controlling and killing weeds in paving, blocks and resin based there is nothing better.

    Guess you could say I recommend this to product to all.

  5. Tony

    I bought the weedkiller and spray applicator from QVC. I find that the weedkiller is the fastest acting I’ve used since paraquat was banned. It really does work.

    The spray applicator is also very convenient compared to getting the pump up spray out. One thing that I will say is it could do with a 2ft, or so lance as when using it at arms length you can breath in some atomized weedkiller. I now use a mask for safety.

    All in all an excellent product.

  6. Marie Coote

    I bought this when it was the TSV on QVC with auto delivery. I’m so glad I did. I cannot believe how quickly it acts. My problem is bindweed in the borders. On a sunny day I sprayed the weeds and within 2 hours they were shrivelled up and brown. This is a miracle product that works. Buy it and you won’t be disappointed.

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Richard Jackson Weedkiller – Timelapse with before and after.
Richard Jackson Weedkiller – Timelapse with before and after.
Richard Jackson Weedkiller – Plantain with before and after.

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Double Action Weedkiller Concentrate 1020ml
Double Action Weedkiller Concentrate 1020ml
£25.00196 in stock

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