Container Magic … grow better plants with less effort.

I’ve always loved growing plants in pots, hanging baskets and window-boxes. But it can take a fair amount of time caring for them, especially during the summer. Watering takes the most time of all and the simple way to reduce time spent watering is to use water retaining crystals. But I wanted to go one better. I wanted to produce a product that did much more for patio gardeners – and that’s why I developed Container Magic.

It’s the first product of its type on the garden market and, in trials, it produced amazing results in my garden last summer. Container Magic is added to the compost at planting time and it reduces watering, boosts plant growth and also helps their roots absorb more water and nutrients, so your plants grow better, with less effort.


Customer reviews

In previous years I had purchased “Readymade” hanging baskets from garden centres and results were “OK” but I was not aware of your amazing products. However since moving to our current address (two years ago) I have planted up my own baskets (Easy Fill, QVC) with plants nurtured from plug status and using your plant food, container magic and compost. The results, as you see from my photo, are just splendid.

Patricia Greensides | by email

…from a QVC customer living in a hot and sunny part of France!

Amazing Results!

“I have never seen such amazing results with my window boxes and planters, Container Magic does exactly what it says on the tub!
 I found it very easy to use, and it goes such a long way, I have made up 15 large planters and window boxes, and I still have a bit left. 
I have never used anything like this before, and my show of flowers was always nice, but within a week of planting and using this magic formula, you could see the size of the plants change. The plants were strong and succulent, bushy and very healthy looking! The flowers were everywhere, they looked amazing! Neighbours were asking what I had done, because their’s were nothing like mine. I obviously told them that I had used the Container Magic!

I still have a wonderful show of flowers and am so happy with the results, that I have bought some more container magic, ready for next year’s display! I will never plant containers again without Container Magic, it sure is magic, and more than doubles the size of all the plants. 
I couldn’t be more pleased with my purchase, and would recommend this to anyone with containers, because it really does give the biggest, healthiest, best show of flowers.

QVC reviewer | via QVC website

Surprised with this product

Got this as a sample size with a TSV and used it in my flower baskets and also lilies which I had bought last year. Last year they failed to produce even a leaf but this year after using the container magic, all lilies are up and there is even a flower about to open any day soon. Shall be ordering this and eagerly await using it on other plants.

QVC reviewer | via QVC website

What an innovation

I received 4 free sachets of this and tried one to see what it was like, and what a wonderful product. Everything you need for healthy pots and hanging baskets and containers is in it and more. This is a brilliant product.

QVC reviewer | via QVC website


This product is amazing. My husband planted a tub of flowers without container magic and two weeks later he planted another one using the container magic. For a start the second tub of flowers were smaller than the first one, but after a couple of weeks it overtook the first one in size. It was all down to the container magic. I am so pleased.

QVC reviewer | via QVC website