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I’m rather proud of my bird food. I developed it to attract more birds to the garden and to feed them better. And I’m very proud that lots of gardeners have been kind enough to call it ‘the best bird food ever’ 

  • It’s packed with more than THREE times the energy of ordinary bird foods.
  • The thirteen different natural ingredients encourage the widest range of birds to your garden.
  • It’s 100% free of wheat flakes, a cheap additive found in many bird foods.
Also available in larger sizes of 5kg or 12.75kg bags.
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One of the most enjoyable things you can do in the garden is to feed the birds. It’s such a delight watching them and it’s good to know you’re giving nature a helping hand. When I first started to feed the birds in my garden there were a few different feeds available from the garden centres. Recently, when I counted there were more than 22 to choose from, and the quality of some of them, quite frankly, was dreadful. That’s why I decided to develop my own, a top quality bird food to attract more birds to the garden and to feed them better. 

  • Attracts more birds: My special mix of 13 natural ingredients has been chosen to attract birds with different bill sizes. Recently , I was delighted to hear from a lovely customer told me that my bird food had helped her attract 44 different species of birds to her garden last year.
  • Feed them better: Every single ingredient has been chosen for its goodness. Sunflower hearts are a rich source of oils and proteins, the suet pellets are a fast acting source of energy ( a form of super-food loved by all birds, especially robins) and oyster grit provides a natural source of calcium which is essential for the fledglings during the spring and summer breeding seasons. Other ingredients include kibbles peanuts, nyger seed and dried mealworms.
  • 100% free of wheat flakes. A cheap filler used in many bird food mixes that has no nutritional benefit and is included, even in some expensive mixes, to pad out the proper ingredients. If you’re buying a bag at the Garden Centre, check the contents panel on the back, as some bird foods contain up to 50% wheat flakes! 
  • No waste. All of the seeds can be eaten, there are no husks on the sunflower seeds for instance. If any of the seeds fall to the ground and aren’t eaten by the ground feeding birds like, the hedgehogs may eat it as they love the bird food too! 
  • Use all year round. The high energy food is especially important for the birds during the winter as well as the spring and summer breeding periods when raising their young.
Also available in larger sizes of 5kg or 12.75kg bags.

1 review for Bird Food 2kg

  1. Val P

    We love the bird food and it certainly attracts a great variety!

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