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Special Spring Offer

All Season Controlled Release Plant Feed 550g

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Save time and save effort. This is the easy, hassle-free way to feed your plants with those special Flower Power nutrients. All summer long!

  • Perfect for time pressed gardeners, for forgetful gardeners, or for those who want great results without any effort.
  • Simply add when planting and let them do the work for you.
  • Saves re-potting too. Gives established plants a new lease of life.
  • 600g tub will treat up to 200 litres of compost.

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If you want to grow better plants, you need to feed them. Regular feeding with my Flower Power Premium Plant Food will give you the best results. But if you haven’t the time, if you keep forgetting to do it, or you simply can’t be bothered, this really clever product will do the feeding for you. This is a professional product, used by thousands of growers, and it gently feeds your plants with Flower Power all summer long. What’s brilliant is that the nutrients are released according to the temperature. So, when it’s cold, and your plants don’t need feeding, very few nutrients are released but when the weather warms, and your plants need the nutrients to grow, that’s when they get more. Most gardeners use them when planting up their summer pots and baskets, but professional gardeners also use them to give established plants (such as shrubs, roses or climbers) in containers a new lease of life. And it saves them the chore of having to re-pot them!

  • Easy Feeding. Simply sprinkle in the granules when you plant your summer pots and baskets, and they’ll feed your plants for up to six months, that’s all summer long!
  • Feed as you grow. Cleverly, the granules release the nutrients as your plants need them. In cooler weather they release fewer nutrients, in warmer weather they release more.
  • Perfect for pots. My All Season Feed really does make patio gardening so much easier. It does the feeding for you. With my special Flower Power nutrients!
  • Rejuvenate older plants. Plants that have been growing in the same container for a year or so can start to run out of steam. You could re-pot them, or you could do what the professionals do. They remove the top 3in or so of compost (and roots), sprinkle in some All Season Feed, add some fresh compost and water it in. The plants will love the new nutrients and compost, and they’ll bounce back in to growth. It really will give them a new lease of life, the easy way!
  • 600g tub will treat up to 200 litres of compost.

Additional Information

NPK Fertiliser blend 11 – 11 – 18

With micro nutrients


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