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Red admiral butterfly

Butterflies and caterpillars

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As a gardener there are a few garden ‘pests’ that can wreak havoc on our plants such as caterpillars. But before you reach for that insecticide take a few moments to really think about what you are doing.

Haiths Nest Box

Nest box know-how

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Spring is a great time to install a house for your feathered friends. Jean Vernon has some top tips and advice on siting a nest box in your garden.


Berries for birds

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Grow some plants in the garden that bear berries to help birds through the winter. Pyracantha, ivy, holly and cotoneaster are all good choices.


Winter bird care

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The garden is rich in autumn fruit, seeds, nuts and berries and also insects, but competition is fierce. Here are 5 ways to help the birds over winter.

bee on lavender

Planting for bees

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Take a closer look at that buzzing creature in your garden. There are dozens of species of solitary bees as well as our honeybees and bumblebees and they all do vital work in the garden.