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Stand out plants: Agapanthus

Add some exotic colour to your pots and planters this season with a fabulous...

Stand out plants in my garden: Fuchsias

Geoff Stonebanks tell us about his love of Fuchsias and the varieties he grows...

Five common garden birds

If you are getting ready for the Big Garden Bird Watch you need to...

Nesting birds

There’s a real energy in the spring garden, from the frantic activity as our...

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Growing tomatoes

Tomatoes are one of our most familiar fruits and it is hard to imagine European cuisine without it. Vicki Cooke explores the history of the tomato as well as her top growing tips.

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Great garden shrubs

Shrubs form the backbone of the garden. They are the unsung heroes. Shrub expert, Andy McIndoe, gives 10 good reasons to plant your garden with shrubs.

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Year of the sunflower

2015 marks the year of the sunflower, so add a little sunshine to your garden by planting a few sunflowers. The smiley, bright faces are a hit with young and old.

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Power to the herbs

Herbs are the powerhouse plants of the garden, says Barbara Segall. They deliver ‘va va voom’ to our food, enhancing all the fruit and veg we grow.

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Rose of the year

The rose may be the national flower of England but German company, Kordes, saw off all English rivals as its ‘Sunny Sky’ bloom was crowned Rose of the Year 2016 at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show.

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New plants at Hampton Court

The floral marquee at RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show is the perfect place to find a new plant for your garden. And if you are after something completely new, look no further than these five beauties, as picked by...

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Burghley House through the seasons

Burghley House in Stamford is a great place to visit with children. Kids will enjoy a day out, running around in the acres of parkland, or perhaps having a splash about in the Gardens of Surprise.

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Leaf cutter bee

Leaf cutter bees may leave unsightly holes in leaves as the cut small semi-circles to seal in their eggs; but these excellent pollinators are a true gardener’s friend.

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Love lavender in the garden

For a plant of true garden merit look no further than the humble lavender plant. It’s a triple action plant, offering healing powers, culinary applications and it looks great in the garden too.

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