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What is the best Christmas tree?

When it comes to buying your real Christmas tree, make it the best you...

Five ways to feed the birds

Feeding the birds brings your garden alive, adding a delightful, animated and colourful dimension...

Winter edibles to grow and pick now

As the garden starts to slow, there are still plenty of edibles to pick,...

Bats in the garden

Don’t be scared, bats in the garden are a blessing not a curse. These...

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Ladybird larvae

The black and orange ladybird larvae are a strange sight to see in the garden, but they are a gardener’s friend – devouring a massive amount of bugs before pupating in summer and emerging as ladybirds.

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Powdery mildew

Powdery mildews have got to be just about the most widespread fungal problem in gardens. There are many types but the name of powdery mildew is given to them all and the symptoms and treatments are often very similar, regardless...

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Slugs in the garden

The slug is one of the nation’s most-hated garden pests, munching its way through soft garden growth, seedlings and plants, leaving a tell-tale shiny slime trail pretty much wherever it feeds and a path of destruction wherever it goes.

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